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Who is Gina Devasahayam? Yankees Brett Gardner files restraining order against obsessive fan

Gina Devasahayam
Gina Devasahayam is accused of stalking New York Yankees star Brett Gardner. Pic credit: @GenetikSignal/Twitter

Right now, the only thing on every MLB player’s mind is getting ready for the new season. For New York Yankees star Brett Gardner things are a bit more complicated.

Brett Gardner files restraining order

Running, hitting, and fielding should be the top three priorities for Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner at this time.

As the Yankees prepare for their first preseason game this weekend, Gardner was busy filing a restraining order against what he is calling an obsessed fan. is reporting that Gardner asked a judge to keep an obsessed fan away from him and his family, and the Yankees want her banned from all ballparks.

Gardner reportedly had his lawyer file for an order of protection against Gina Devasahayam. Gardner indicates that she has referred to herself as his “future wife” and she claims that he sends her sexual “signals” from the field.

It has gotten so serious that security guards at the Yankees spring training facility and George M. Steinbrenner Field have been given her photo with orders not to allow her in.

Is this a case of a woman just being a bit too flirty, or has she taken things too far? Obviously, Gardner believes she has taken things way too far, especially on social media.

Who is Gina Devasahayam?

So just who is Gina Devasahayam? She’s a 46-year-old woman who has a lot going for her, that is if what she says is the truth.

Her Twitter page indicates that she is the “Founder & CEO, GenetikSignal is an innovative biotechnology company on anti-aging products; my personal interests, my love life, and my professional life.”

While that all sounds great, she has an unhealthy infatuation with Gardner — and she has been tweeting about it for years.

From wishing Gardner a happy Valentine’s Day, to pinning her love for him right at the top of her page, she hasn’t slowed down.

NJ reports that Devasahayam attempted to sneak into the visitors’ clubhouse at Camden Yards in Baltimore back in August to try and meet up with Gardner. Security caught her before he got in and removed her from the stadium.

It doesn’t end there.

Devasahayam was removed from a Yankees game back in October, which led her to file a lawsuit against the Yankees and MLB.

Her response to why she was suing may have tipped off officials to her obsession.

“I request the Court to grant me access to the Stadium in accordance with MLB fan policy and also in accordance with ‘Significant other’ of MLB player Brett Gardner,” she wrote in the lawsuit. “I am a Yankees fan and also the future wife of Brett Gardner.”

The only problem with that? Gardner has been married to Jessica Clendenin since 2007 — yet Devasahayam claims in the suit that she is the “Significant other of MLB player Gardner.”

Tweets that indicate she has “Heart & Hustle, Hot & Spicy, Lovers & Dreamers, for Yankee Gardy,” are not helping Gardner’s home or professional life.

While many fans may think of this as nothing to be concerned about, it very much is. Hopefully, this problem can be resolved soon for both parties involved.

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