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Watch: Yasiel Puig imitates LLWS star Deivis Ordonez’s crazy batting stance vs. Yankees

Yasiel Puig imitates LLWS star Deivis Ordonez’s batting stance. Pic credit: FOX Sports/YouTube

It seems Yasiel Puig’s popularity has grown since he left the Dodgers, at least it has in the Midwest! Puig, who was traded from LA to Cincinnati last December, was dealt to the Cleveland Indians right before the trade deadline this past July.

It hasn’t taken long for fans to warm up to Puig in Cleveland, not just because he is a great player, but he has a swag to his game. Puig showed why fans gravitate to his style Sunday in a game against the New York Yankees when he imitated a batting stance from a little League World Series player from the day before.

Deivis Ordonez batting stance

Deivis Ordonez is becoming quite popular these days. The Little League World Series player for Venezuela is drawing a lot of attention for his batting stance. If you have been watching the LLWS, you know Ordonez isn’t doing this for attention. He does it every time he comes to the plate.

Ordonez stands in an extremely low crouch in the batter’s box. Why? No one has said. Maybe it is to get under the skin of the pitcher.

It seems Sunday afternoon, Cleveland’s Yasiel Puig thought he would give the stance a try when he came to the plate against New York’s CC Sabathia.

Puig squats, then sits

When Puig approached the plate, you could tell he wasn’t his usual self. Puig went into a series of squats, just like Ordonez did the previous day. Even the commentators remarked how low Puig was and how he must be imitating Ordonez from Saturday’s LLWS game.

In the end, Ordonez fared much better than Puig. After watching strike one, Puig fouled a pitch and drew the count to 2-2. However, in the end, Puig struck out swinging. As for Ordonez, he scored one of the two runs for Venezuela in their 2-0 win.

The youngster even broke out his best dance moves after crossing the plate.

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