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Twitter reacts to Astros’ apology: Jim Crane, Alex Bregman, and Jose Altuve apologize for sign stealing scandal, and fans aren’t buying it

Jose Altuve apologizes for his role in the Astros cheating scandal. Pic credit: KHOU 11/YouTube

The Houston Astros have officially apologized for cheating back in 2017.

From the way the fans are reacting on social media, it seems to be too little too late for meaningless words.

Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve break silence

Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve are two of the most talented players in baseball today. That may not matter anymore.

Fans will most likely never look at these two, along with many other Astros players, the same again.

While both Bregman and Altuve, along with Houston Astros owner Jim Crane all admitted guilt and took responsibility for what happened back in 2017, it may not matter to most MLB fans outside the Houston area.

“The whole team and organization feel remorseful and bad about what happened in 2017,” Altuve said. “We especially feel remorse for the impact on our fans and for the game of baseball.”

Many fans believe that Altuve seemed more nervous by saying these words than remorseful. So with social media at everyone’s fingertips, fans expressed their opinions on Twitter — and some of the reactions are priceless!

Twitter reactions to Astros apology

This team is in for a rough season.

Maybe not in terms of wins and losses, but when the Astros are on the road — especially in New York — they are going to be heckled and jeered like never before.

Fans wasted no time mocking what they believe was a staged — and poorly one at that — and far from sincere apology to MLB fans everywhere.

Fans of The Office have to love this reaction. Quick and to the point and no real emotion. Kind of like Alex Bregman on Thursday.

You can’t have an apology themed base mocking on Twitter without going to this classic from UFC legend Conor McGregor.

While there are literally thousands of reactions pouring in at the time of this report, this one from Jimmy Traina may be one of the best.

Larry David didn’t know at the time he was creating the perfect social media reaction for this Astros apology tour!

It is going to be one interesting year for the Astros, especially if they make it to the playoffs. That may be when fans across the league really turn up the heat.

You can’t blame the Dodgers and Yankees fan-base if they don’t let this one go for a long, long time. After all, they were the two teams that Houston faced last on their way to the 2017 World Series title.

Houston took out New York in seven games in 2017 — winning all four the games at home.

Get your popcorn ready folks. It is going to be an interesting summer.

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