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Scott Boras’ MLB 2020 schedule plan: A Christmas World Series?

Scott Boras
Agent Scott Boras has a plan to get in the complete 162 MLB game schedule. Pic credit: YES Network/YouTube

Scott Boras is one of the biggest agents in sports. He didn’t get that way by following the “agent rule book,” either. Boras is a brash man who loves to speak his mind.

When asked his opinion on how the 2020 MLB schedule will play out, Boras believes that he has a plan to save the entire season schedule – as in all 162 regular-season games and a full version of the MLB playoffs – even if the season doesn’t start until June!

The question is, how?

Boras’ MLB schedule plan

According to USA Today, Boras’ strategy hinges on start dates that begin in either June or July. That said, he also is calling for the playoffs to take place in December with a neutral-site World Series that would take place sometime around Christmas.

So, if you thought a possible Game 7 World Series game played as late as Halloween night or November 1st was bad, how about this idea?

Boras is serious about his idea and has reportedly submitted plans to MLB for a 162-game baseball season that would begin June 1 and a 144-game idea in case the season didn’t start until July 1.

The playoffs would not change in either scenario.

No matter which teams made the postseason, games would take place in one of the league’s eight domed stadiums or the three southern California stadiums – meaning the homefields of the Angels, Dodgers, or Padres.

While this all sounds good on paper, would fans want this? Boras believes so.

“We have it all mapped out,” Boras said. “It’s workable. We’ve done climate studies, and in Southern California, the average temperature in December is 67 degrees, which is better than late March and early April in most cities. We have 11 stadiums we could play postseason games in. I’m gonna get my neutral-site World Series after all.”

I couldn’t imagine fans in the Bronx, Boston, or even in cities like Detroit, Chicago, or Atlanta wanting to see their team be the “home” team in a playoff game that is in Arizona.

An easier way

While Boras has a feasible plan, MLB does not want to be playing while the NFL is entering important late-season games in late December, do they?

If the season started on June 1st, MLB could get in all 162-games if they took a page from their old playbook and had five to six doubleheaders scheduled per month.

Doubleheaders were the norm since the conception of baseball. They were still very popular all the way into the 1980s and 90s.

But for some reason, they have become a thing of the past. In fact, the only reason doubleheaders are played nowadays is when a game needs to be made up due to bad weather.

Bring back the DH, and the problem of wanting at least a 144-game season will be easily solved.

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