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Mookie Betts contract: Huge offer from Boston Red Sox receives counter

Mookie Betts Playing
Mookie Betts could be a huge upgrade for the San Diego Padres. Pic credit: MLB/YouTube

The Mookie Betts contract issues with the Boston Red Sox have led the team to try to trade its star outfielder. Now, there are some rumors out there about what the Red Sox offered and what Betts and his team counter-offered.

According to baseball analyst Lou Merloni, the Red Sox offered Betts a 10-year contract worth $300 million. That reportedly took place during the 2019 offseason, to which Betts and his team countered.

The latest report is that Betts wanted a 12-year contract worth $420 million. This would indicate that the two sides were at least $120 million apart in the negotiations. That’s huge.

As we previously reported, there are strong MLB trade rumors indicating that the Red Sox want to send Betts to the San Diego Padres. The problem is that the two sides haven’t been able to come to terms.

If the report on these Mookie Betts contracts is true, then it shouldn’t be surprising that the Red Sox are looking to move their star player before he can pursue free agency.

Mookie Betts contract offers

Below is a Twitter post which indicates that Betts has been offered many different contracts from the Red Sox. It’s worth listening to, as it shows how far apart the two sides have become.

Boston Red Sox trade rumors

There are a number of teams that would love to acquire the services of Mookie Betts. The San Diego Padres are at the top of that list because they have so much talent that they can send in a return package.

The sticking points between the Red Sox and Padres also don’t seem to revolve around the players being offered. It seems that it comes down to salaries and just how much each team is going to pay in the equation.

Betts is under contract for the 2020 MLB season at a rate of $27 million. It was a deal Betts and the Red Sox agreed to in order to avoid arbitration, where he could have possibly made even more.

At the end of the current season — unless he signs a new contract — Betts will become a free agent who can sign with a team of his choosing. There are likely to be a lot of teams interested — especially teams that simply don’t have the prospects to offer the Red Sox right now.

It shouldn’t be that surprising that Betts wants to make more than $400 million under his next contract. It would be similar to what Mike Trout received from the Los Angeles Angels and there are quite a few baseball fans who thought Betts was better than Trout in 2018.

Stay tuned folks. This could get even more chaotic if Betts isn’t traded soon.

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