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MLB Opening Day at Home 2020: Classic games for each team to air today – Online streaming schedule

Chicago Cubs
Fans can relive their team’s best moments today as MLB celebrates MLB Opening Day at Home. Pic credit: MLB/YouTube

The 2020 MLB season was scheduled to begin today, March 26, however, with the pandemic of COVID-19 virus hitting all across America, the season is on hold.

While there will be no games played today, MLB has decided to do the next best thing for baseball fans to help get their fill of America’s past time – re-air classic games for each squad.

MLB Opening Day at Home 2020

It’s not what fans want, but it is the best MLB can do at the moment.

With the coronavirus issue front and center, no gatherings of over 10-15 people are being permitted by most states in the US.

Obviously, that means no Opening Day baseball — or does it? Thanks to the MLB classic vault, the show will go on.

Major League Baseball will present “Opening Day at Home,” which features a full schedule of 30 games broadcast nationally across various platforms, including digital streaming and social media.

While fans won’t be able to hear the crack of the bat and the smell of all the great food in person, good old modern technology is doing its part to simulate that Opening Day feeling.

Wall to wall baseball

Are you ready to watch your team on Opening Day? The best news is your team is guaranteed to win!

Each game aired for their home city will not only be a classic but a victory as well. However, it won’t be just an average win — it will be a monumental one that all fans should remember.

For example, Toronto fans can relive Joey Bats’ epic bat flip vs. the Texas Rangers while fans in Boston can stroll down memory lane to the Game 4 miracle win that led to the “4-game come from behind sweep” of the New York Yankees in the 2004 ALCS.

If you’re a Yankees fan, don’t worry, your Opening Day classic will be the epic Game 7 of the 2003 AL Championship Series.

MLB set Opening Day up to air games that were all absolute classics. After all, what better way to “unofficially” start the season than with a win that was so incredible that fans still speak of it today?

Games will air on several platforms today, including MLB Network, Facebook, and YouTube.

All of the action begins just after noon ET and will run well past midnight.

MLB Opening Day at Home is a great way for fans to enjoy the action on what would have been Opening Day 2020 if not for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, MLB dubbed today’s flashback MLB Opening Day at Home for a great reason. To remind fans to stay home as much as possible during these tough times. Only go out if you need anything urgent or if you have to buy groceries.

Hopefully, we will all be enjoying the real Opening Day for 2020 very soon, but for now, we have Opening Day at Home.

The full set of scheduled games for today can be seen here.

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