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Manny Machado contract details: Padres agree to largest contract in American sports history

Manny Machado contract details
Manny Machado contract details after he signed with the Padres make him MLB’s highest paid player. Pic credit: Sports Productions

In news that is sure to rock the world of baseball and will almost surely drive up the asking price of free agent Bryce Harper, Manny Machado reached a landmark deal with the San Diego Padres to join their team.

The Machado deal is the biggest in American sports history.

Manny Machado contract details

The Manny Machado contract is a 10-year, $300 million deal. While the total amount is not as high as the deal Giancarlo Stanton signed with the Miami Marlins, it is for three years less.

Stanton was at the top of the list, with his 13-year, $325 million deal. However, that averages out to be $25 million a season. The Machado contract averages out to $30 million a year.

This is a huge raise from the $16 million that Machado made last year while playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles.

The Manny Machado contract also includes a provision to opt out of the last five seasons following his fifth year.

The reason for the contract was for the San Diego Padres to try to accomplish something they had never before achieved.

“There’s never been a championship. … We as an organization, we want to completely change that,” Seidler said, according to ESPN. “We want our franchise to win year after year after year. And we’re going to do whatever we can rationally do to make that happen.”

In 2018, Manny Machado hit a career-high .905 OPS with a line of .297/.367/.538. He also hit 37 home runs, drove in 107 RBIs and stole 14 bases.

The Manny Machado contract caused the Las Vegas odds to shift. The team was 80-1 odds to win the World Series before Machado and 50-1 after the signing.

What does Manny Machado contract mean for Bryce Harper?

Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are two of the top players in Major League Baseball and both became free agents.

The two players seemed to be waiting out the other to see what money would be paid so they could possibly try to outdo it themselves.

Now, that the Manny Machado contract details are out there, teams know what Harper will expect.

Right now, the Philadelphia Phillies are the frontrunner for Bryce Harper, but the $30 million per season asking price is going to be a big one for whoever lands him.

Harper hit .249/.393/.496 with 34 homers and 100 RBI for the Washington Nationals in 2018. While the numbers are not as high as Machado’s, Harper might be the most marketable star in MLB.

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