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Houston Astros schedule: When do the Astros face the Yankees, Dodgers in 2020?

MLB fans are not happy with Houston
MLB fans are not happy with the Houston Astros. Pic credit: ESPN/YouTube

If the first few MLB preseason games are any indication of what is to come for the Houston Astros, it is going to be a very interesting 2020 campaign.

Preseason baseball is usually the friendliest time of the season for player-fans interaction.

That hasn’t been the case for the Astros so far this preseason — and we are not even one week into it!

Astros heckled by fans

Following the Astros sign-stealing scandal, fans have already let the Houston players know how they feel.

According to, fans have been bringing signs and jeering louder than ever in an attempt to heckle the Houston Astros during their preseason games down in Florida.

In a weird move by MLB, each time a fan has displayed their sign they have been taken away by stadium security.

In the long run, that move may backfire against MLB.

If the signs don’t display foul language or anything lewd, let the fans vent — they have every right to do so.

Astros public enemy No. 1 in LA, New York

If MLB commissioner Rob Manfred thinks fans are being unfair towards the Astros now, wait until the regular season begins.

Fans in New York and Los Angeles feel their teams were impacted the most by the Astros sign-stealing scandal, and you know the atmosphere is going to be insane when Houston faces these two teams on the road in 2020.

So just when do the Astros face the Dodgers and Yankees on the road this season?

Astros 2020 schedule

The Astros regular season has them hosting the Yankees on May 15-17.

However, Houston does not travel to the Big Apple until one of the final series of the 2020 regular season — which could bring even more tension if these two are battling for a playoff spot.

The Yankees will host the Astros on September 21-24 in what could be a wild four-game series.

New York could be 20 games up on everyone in the AL East and that won’t matter to their fans who already have these dates circled on their calendar.

As for the Dodgers, they do not have Houston on the regular-season schedule.

However, could you imagine if they faced off again in the World Series? LA fans would love a shot at revenge.

In terms of facing the American League in 2020, the Dodgers will host the Twins (April 28–29), Indians (May 22–24) and Tigers (June 19–21) and will go on the road to face the Royals (May 15–17), Twins (July 28–29) and White Sox (Sept. 8–10).

One thing is for sure. The Astros-Yankees series is going to be one hot ticket no matter where either team is in the standings when they meet up in late September.

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