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Bryce Harper contract details: Phillies make Harper highest-paid MLB player

Bryce Harper contract details with Philadelphia Phillies
Bryce Harper contract details with Philadelphia Phillies. Pic credit: Bryce Harper/Instagram

Bryce Harper was talking to two teams about his next home and decided on the one that was the front-runner the entire time — the Philadelphia Phillies.

The other team was the San Francisco Giants, who made a pair of offers to the slugger but he was always fated to end up in Phily.

Bryce Harper contract details

This offseason, both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper were All-Star baseball players entering free agency — a rarity in the sport. Both players wanted a new team and both found a new home.

Rumors were that they were waiting each other out, knowing that whoever signed second could beat the contract on who signed first.

Manny Machado signed first, getting a 10-year deal worth $300 million from the San Diego Padres.

Bryce Harper got a bigger total for more years, with a $330 million contract for 13 seasons. On a per-season average, Machado’s is bigger at $30 million a season compared to Harper’s $25.3 million a season.

However, his $330 million is the largest contract ever given to a player, beating out Giancarlo Stanton’s $325 million deal with the Miami Marlins.

There is also another big thing about his contract. Machado can opt out of his deal half-way through. There is a no opt-out clause and a no-trade clause for Harper. This means, if he is happy in Philadelphia, he could be there for the next 13 seasons and make his entire contract.

“We had average values of $45 million offered on shorter-term deals,” Harper’s agent, Scott Boras, told the New York Post. “We had a full buffet.”

Philadelphia Phillies lineup with Harper

The Philadelphia Phillies are going all in for 2019 and they are also setting themselves up for the future.

Philadelphia, who finished 20178 with an 80-82 record, have now signed Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, Andrew McCutchen and Jean Segura to bolster their lineup.

Looking ahead, the Phillies have five players under contract beyond 2020. Bryce Harper, Jean Segura, Andrew McCutchen, Odubel Herrera and Aaron Nola will combine to make somewhere in the neighborhood of $85/$90M in 2021.

That is the year that Mike Trout, a Philadelphia native, becomes a free agent.

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