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Astros buzzers: Buzzing devices allegedly used in Houston’s cheating scandal

Jose Altuve
Was Jose Altuve wearing a buzzer during the 2017 ALCS that tipped off pitches? Pic credit: Antonelli Baseball/YouTube

Astros buzzing devices? This story about the Houston Astros stealing signs in 2017 keeps getting stranger by the day. Just when you think it may start to fade away a bit, something else comes out that makes things look even worse for the organization.

MLB sign-stealing conspiracy getting deeper

This is getting interesting. The 2020 baseball season is still weeks away from spring training, and managers are losing their jobs faster than mobsters falling by the wayside in a Martin Scorsese movie.

Following Houston’s firing of AJ Hinch, his ex-partner in crime, former Houston coach turned Red Sox manager Alex Cora was let go from his position earlier this week.

Now the dominos have fallen on newly hired New York Mets manager Carlos Beltran. Beltran was let go on Thursday for playing a part in the sign-stealing saga.

However, Beltran’s niece is coming to her uncle’s defense – and she may have the smoking gun in all of this.

Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman wore ‘devices that buzzed?’

Beltran’s niece reportedly tweeted out some interesting stuff Thursday afternoon, and she may have just blown this whole conspiracy out of the water.

Jomboy retweeted her thoughts, and her accusations don’t look good for two big stars in Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman.

“I’m told to stay quiet but I refuse…Altuve and Bregman wore buzzing devices.”

“Altuve didn’t want his shirt torn off in home run game”

While this can’t be proven at the moment, she may be correct about Altuve. In the video below, you can see Altuve’s concern about getting his jersey torn off after smashing a game-winning ALCS clinching home run.

While some fans may think that’s not a big deal, it is. Altuve had just hit a walk-off home run sending his team to the World Series. The last thing on this guy’s mind should be his jersey.


Sometimes players celebrate so hard they have to wear goggles to avoid getting beer and champagne in their eyes. They jump on each other like little kids. This move by Altuve seems very odd — so does his explanation for not wanting to overly celebrate.

Altuve said following his game-winning homer that “The last time they did that (Astros players ripping off his jersey), I got in trouble with my wife.”

It could be true, but it sounds a bit odd.

Just to stir the pot a bit more to prove these allegations may be true, Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer retweeted Jamboy saying he had heard of these rumors as well from multiple parties in the past.

The big question now is what will be done about these accusations? Former baseball legend Pete Rose recently said, “while the managers are losing their jobs, but what about the players, all of the players, who participated?”

It is going to be interesting to see how far this fallout goes and if any players will face long term suspensions.

Stay tuned.

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