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Alex Rodriguez and Jose Canseco: What is the beef between them all about?

oAlex Rodriguez
Jose Canseco has once again taken a shot at Alex Rodriguez on social media. Pic credit: MLB/YouTube
Alex Rodriguez
Jose Canseco has once again taken a shot at Alex Rodriguez on social media. Pic credit: MLB/YouTube

Alex Rodriguez and Jose Canseco don’t care for each other. However, it seems that the longer this “feud” continues, it is just a one-sided affair with most of the badgering coming from Canseco.

Another shot was fired from Jose on Easter Sunday, and many MLB fans, especially in New York, are wondering why Canseco can’t just move on.

What is the beef between them all about?

So just how did two of the most popular sluggers in MLB history become enemies?

This dislike between the two former New York Yankees may have begun when Canseco released his tell-all book about his personal life titled Juiced.

However, according to the New York Post, things really started to heat up following Canseco’s 2008 release of  Vindicated, which alleged Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs.

At first, Canseco was looked upon like a rat in the mafia. Why would he write such a book? Now looking back, many believe what Canseco did was right for the purity of the game.

Opinions on whether he was right or wrong still vary to this day.

Canseco became the whistle-blower for the sport of MLB as he revealed his knowledge of what was going on inside MLB clubhouses — and he used Rodriguez as a prime target.

A-Rod did finally admit to using steroids, but not until several years after the book was released.

Canseco has gone on to do anything to troll A-Rod when he can — from challenging him to a fight, MMA or boxing style, and accusing him of cheating on his fiance Jenifer Lopez.

Following Alex Rodriguez announcing his engagement to Jennifer Lopez last March, Canseco accused the former Yankees third baseman of cheating on Lopez with his ex-wife.

Jessica Canseco denied all of Jose’s allegations, and the story slowly faded away.

So what’s new in the latest feud? Well, even during a pandemic, on Easter Sunday, Jose Canseco fired another shot at Alex Rodriguez.

Happy Easter to all! Except for A-Rod

Jose Canseco took to Twitter to wish all of his family, friends, and basically the entire world a Happy Easter. Well, everyone except Alex Rodriguez.

With a tweet reading “Happy Easter to everyone except Alex Rodriguez,” Canseco has shown once again he is never letting this go.

While J-Lo and A-Rod have had their wedding delayed by the coronavirus, you have to believe that when they finally tie the knot, Canseco will be standing by with his cell phone ready to comment.

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  1. A-Rod lives behind a broken façade – Jose façade is as broken maybe his inner voice remote control may be a little off – but come on he is like the Elvis of Sports! If Andy Kaufman was alive – he would want to tag team in wrestling with Jose – Damn I just might – or at least be his ringside manager!


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