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How much is 2019 Wimbledon prize money for women’s winner Simona Halep?

simona halep celebrates her 2019 wimbledon win
Simona Halep celebrates after defeating Serena Williams at Wimbledon 2019. Pic credit: ESPN

The conclusion of the 2019 Wimbledon tournament for the women arrived on Saturday, July 13 as No. 7 Simona Halep took on Serena Williams in the finals. The star players were competing for not only a trophy and the glory of the win, but also a hefty bit of prize money.

Simona Halep went on to defeat Williams, giving her the biggest payout. With an increase this year for the total purse, it begs the question of “how much 2019 Wimbledon prize money does the winner get?”

Wimbledon prize money increased historically

Dating back to 1968, the winners at Wimbledon received just a small fraction in prize money compared to today’s millions. In 1968, the women’s champion would get 750 pounds compared to 2,000 pounds for the men. The numbers continued to increase over time, but the men continued to get more prize money.

That all finally changed in 2007. Both the men’s and women’s singles winners received a nice sum of 700,000 pounds for the Wimbledon finals victory. In the year prior, the men received 30,000 more pounds than the women.

The overall prize pool has continued to rise over time as well. As of 2018, Wimbledon was giving out a total of 34 million pounds (which is equivalent to just over $42 million) across the tournament.

Simona Halep defeats Serena Williams in finals

At this year’s Wimbledon 2019 women’s finals, Serena Williams was vying for her 24th title. However, she ran into a tough competitor in Simona Halep. Per ESPN, the Romanian tennis star would go on to defeat Venus by a final of 6-2, 6-2.

Prior to the huge victory, Halep held an 0-3 record against the top women’s competitor in all of tennis.

It was an exciting moment for Simona Halep, finally defeating one of the game’s greats. It also marks the second major championship Halep has captured. It’s certainly a nice follow-up to 2018’s French Open championship.

What did the 2019 Wimbledon women’s winner get?

Ahead of this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament, an official sheet was released showing off the total prize money breakdown for the entire field.

That sheet indicates that there’s a total of 28,490,000 pounds (nearly $36 million) on the line for the combined purse of the men’s and women’s singles brackets. There is money given out for participants based on their round of finish, so the first rounders received 45,000 pounds ($56,573) for their effort.

In the second round, the Wimbledon prize money goes up to 72,000 and then 111,000 for the third round. It continues upwards from there. It gets substantially higher for that finals matchup, as an underdog can potentially add more zeros to their bank account.

New sensation Coco Gauff even picked up some decent cash at Wimbledon. However, Halep reigned supreme, besting Gauff, Williams, and several other competitors en route to the win.

The women’s runner up at Wimbledon will receive 1.175 million pounds for getting that far in the tennis tournament. However, the women’s winner gets a total prize money amount of 2.35 million pounds, double what the runner-up receives. It’s also a 4.4 percent increase over last year’s Wimbledon finals prize money.

For those wondering, based on conversion rates, the 2019 prize also works out to $2,954,412.95 US dollars. That amount will fluctuate as rates change. Either way, it’s a nice amount of money for the bank account.

There’s also a shiny trophy case piece (above), plenty of headlines, and getting your name recorded in the history books. So the Wimbledon 2019 winner certainly gets plenty of money, fame, and glory for their outstanding work in London.

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