Corden is Hella: Stefani, Clooney and Roberts sing We Are The Champions

Published by April Neale on
5th May 2016 6:20 pm
Stefani lights up the HOV lane with Corden on The Late Late Show

Is Gavin Rossdale the biggest loser or what?

Blake Shelton ain’t no fool! Rossdale’s former wife Gwen Stefani is adorable and funny, and she shows it all off with karaoke in car star (and all-around awesome late night chatter) James Corden.

Corden even asks what beauty regime she is doing for her ‘ageless” face. Stefani credits being in love with Shelton as her best beauty secret. No doubt!

The Late Late Show really has nailed it with this ongoing segment of celebs driving in to work with James:

Clooney and Roberts have a movie coming out they are promoting.

Watch for a funny exchange where her indecipherable lyrics are unraveled and relearned by Corden. Also, watch for a very cool unexpected picking up of Corden’s two pals, George Clooney and Julia Roberts. All in the bid to use the HOV lane, Corden does need four people after all.

Watch this fun 14+ minute clip as the four get into Hollaback girl and Clooney interprets the lyrics: