Watch: Bitter’s Kiss ‘Love Won’t Make You Cry’

Bitters Kiss

Check out the new video for New Jersey singer/songwriter Bitter’s Kiss’ “Love Won’t Make You Cry.”

While most teenage girls are busy either figuring themselves out or wondering what to wear to prom, Chloe Baker has been busy writing and recording an album under the name Bitter’s Kiss. Across the record, she shows a hopeful innocence that shines through her pleasantly gloomy tunes that span heavy topics like suicide, lost love and the quick passage of time. It’s an impressively mature approach from a girl still in high school, and her delicate voice deals with the topics with a gentle grace, picking at the themes with a careful interest that gives the songs a buoyant feel without ever coming across as bubblegum.

One of the most uplifting tracks is the new single “Love Won’t Make You Cry” which is accompanied by a video that shows young lovers cavorting through Parisian landmarks, gliding between confidence and hesitation, dancing on the beach, strolling through museums and snuggling, half asleep on a subway. It finds a balance between the real and surreal–each of the characters have scars and trepidations, but the soft light and gorgeous settings romanticize them, making the heartbreak at the end all the more painful.

The self-titled record shows a heap of potential for Bitter’s Kiss, so keep an ear out for what’s next for the Jersey songwriter. You can hear Bitter’s Kiss on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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