The Gag Is: Rapper CupcakKe releases diss track in response to Sukihana

Rapper Cupcakke
Rapper Cupcakke responds to Sukihana with new diss track The Gag Is. Pic credit: HAM Radio/YouTube

Chicago Rapper CupcakKe (Elizabeth Eden Harris) has released yet another diss track, titled The Gag Is.

CupcakKe’s latest diss track comes after she released How to Rob (Remix) on December 15.

How to Rob (Remix) is a massively trolling single that dissed more than 20 top rap artists, including Cardi B, Meghan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, Offset, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Durk, DaBaby, Doja Cat, Tory Lanez, Chief Keef, and City Girls.

CupcakKe also mentioned Atlanta rapper Sukihana (Destiny Henderson) in the diss track.

Sukihana was the first to respond to CupcakKe’s How to Rob diss track

Rapper Sukihana was the first to respond to CupcakKe’s How to Rob (Remix).

She released her diss track, titled Rob Who? on December 17, and now CupcakKe is hitting back with yet another track, The Gag Is.

Listen to The Gag Is below:


The Gag Is: CupcakKe rips into Sukihana

CupcakKe’s The Gag Is is a furious rap track with very graphic lyrics. The Chicago rapper pulls no punches dissing Sukihana.

In her diss track Rob Who? Sukihana compared CupcakKe to the character Vivian from the adult animated film Bebe’s Kids.

CupcakKe now responds, bragging that Sukihana might be able to beat her in comedy, but she could never beat her in a rap tussle.

CupcakKe threatens to cough on her rap opponent to give her COVID-19. She describes herself as a Rolls Royce, opposed to Sukihana whom she compares to a Hyundai.

CupcakKe raps:

“I cough on this b****, hope I give her Covid (ye-ye)/Beating me when it come to jokes, uh-huh/But when it comes to rap, no way/B*** I’m whole m*****f*****g Rolls Royce sitting next to Suki Hyundai (damn)”

The Gag Is: Fans react on Twitter

CupcakKe’s latest diss track is causing excitement among fans on Twitter. Fans have been debating which of the two rappers is currently winning the diss contest, and many appear to think that CupcakKe is winning.

CupcakKe’s How to Rob Remix recalls 50 ‘Cents’ break out single

CupcakKe’s How to Rob (Remix) recalls of 50 Cent’s debut single of the same title released in 1999.

In his debut single, 50 Cent rapped about robbing and mugging top hip-hop/R&B stars, including Lil’ Kim, P Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Heavy D, and Boyz II Men.

CupcakKe is a rapper from Chicago known for her NFSW rap lyrics.

She released her debut studio album Audacious in 2016 and her second studio album Queen Elizab***h in 2017.

She is known for rap songs, such as Duck Duck Goose, Cartoons, and Crayons from her third studio album Ephorize. She is also known for Biggie Smalls from her second studio album Queen Elizab***h.

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