The Fray is trending on Twitter as fans share their appreciation for the 2005 hit ‘How To Save A Life’

A screenshot from The Fray's How To Save A Life music video.
The alternative band The Fray is randomly trending on Twitter. Pic credit: YouTube/The Fray

In today’s game of “nobody knows why this is happening,” the American alternative band The Fray is trending on Twitter as fans decide to randomly show their appreciation for the 2005 platinum song How To Save A Life.

This song was the title track from the band’s debut album in September 2005. While the song How To Save A Life wasn’t the album’s first single — which was Over My Head (Cable Car) — it grew exponentially in popularity after being featured on the medical dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. 

How To Save A Life’s chart history is iconic. According to Billboard, the album has a number one hit and three songs in the top 10. The song How To Save A Life peaked at number one on October 14, 2006; prior to that, Over My Head (Cable Car) peaked at number four, and years later, You Found Me peaked at number six.

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Why is The Fray trending? 

The Fray is currently a top trend on Twitter in the entertainment section with over 19.2K tweets. Ironically enough, the band isn’t currently active on Twitter and hasn’t tweeted since 2018.

This hype energy seems to have been riled up by writer Hanna Phifer. In the early afternoon of April 3, she tweeted out the question, “Why the f**k did The Fray go so hard on How to Save A Life?” Since being posted, the tweet has garnered over 21.6K retweets with approximately 1,500 quotes and 142.8K likes. These numbers are growing fast as people continue to tweet about the popular band.

Screenshot of Hanna Phifer's tweet.
Censored screenshot of tweet. Pic credit: Twitter/@writtenbyhanna

Another fan wrote, “Just found out that the How To Save A Life by The Fray was released in 2005, which means I’ve been an uncontrollable emotional wreck for over 15 years.”

Screenshot of Sam Tompkins' tweet.
Screenshot of tweet. Pic credit: Twitter/@SamThompkinsUK

This resurgence of The Fray’s devastating song has left some fans deep in their feelings. One tweeted the popular gif of Lilo from Lili and Stitch, laying on the ground, turning up the volume on her turntable. They captioned the post, “Idk why The Fray is trending, but I approve.”

Other music lovers are dubbing the band as a blueprint for the indie artists who followed in their footsteps, their favorite popular culture moments that referenced the song, and the moment when they first discovered them. 

Tagging the band, author Mia Renee wrote, “The Fray is trending rn [right now] and I’m so happy about that. This was the band that got me into rock and roll. They were my first real concert, and my first favorite band. Their music will always be important to me.

Where is The Fray now? 

The Fray is still currently an active band, although the last single they released was over four years ago, in 2016. The song was called Singing Low. As listed on their website, the single was included on their greatest hits album Through the Years: The Best of The Fray. 

Also listed on the website is the band’s upcoming event in October 2021 at the Genesee Theater in Illinois. 

The band consists of band members Isaac Slade (lead vocalist and songwriter, piano), Joe King (guitarist), Dave Welsh (guitar), and Ben Wysocki (drums). They are best known for their emotional ballads and intense lyrics, oftentimes addressing topics of love and death. 

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The Fray is currently included in Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Adult Alternative Artists list.

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