Taylor Swift’s Christmas Tree Farm shows her fond memories of growing up on Pine Ridge Farm

Taylor Swift reminiscing out a car window
Taylor Swift wrote and released the song Christmas Tree Farm in 5 days. Pic credit: Taylor Swift / YouTube

Taylor Swift released a cheery new song today titled Christmas Tree Farm. She’s getting us all into the festive spirit with this one. She allegedly wrote the song last Sunday and hit the studio quick so it would go live today.

The video features home movies shot by Swift’s parents in the ’90s on their Christmas tree farm at Pine Ridge Farm in Reading Pennslyvania, where she grew up. The song is an upbeat, cheerful tune that finds Taylor reminiscing about happy family Christmas’ of her childhood.

Taylor sings sweetly, “You would be there, too/Under the mistletoe/Watching the fire glow.” She continues with, “And tell me, I love you/Just being in your arms/Takes me back to that little farm/Where every wish comes true.”

Through slightly grainy footage, we see several festive periods in the early ’90s, with Taylor, her brother Austin, and their parents Andrea and Scott. There is lots of frolicking and sledding in very deep looking snow and dreadful ’90s fashion on display too.

We see traditional Christmas household scenes with a beautiful Christmas tree and large stockings hanging from a fireplace. Austin and Taylor are seen enthusiastically unwrapping presents, including, somewhat prophetically, an acoustic guitar for the future singing sensation.


It all paints a very idyllic image of Pine Ridge Farm

Where is Pine Ridge Farm?

Pine Ridge Farm is in Berks County, a suburb of Reading in Pennslyvania. The location of the farm is semi-rural.

Google map of Pine Ridge Farm
Pine Ridge Farm is in a semi-rural area of Pennsylvania. Pic credit: Google maps

The former Swift family home went on the market in 2013 for $700,000. It had previously been purchased in 2004, just before Swift made it big, for $480,000. The purchasers at that time had no idea who the previous occupants had been.

Taylor Swift described it in a tweet earlier today as a Christmas tree farm. “I actually did grow up on a Christmas tree farm,”

she wrote.

The farm continued growing and selling Christmas trees after the Swifts left, at least up until 2016, which is when the business posted its last comment on Facebook. It is unclear if anyone still farms Christmas trees on the property.

Taylor visited the place in 2018 and posted this photo with a simple message on Instagram “take me home.”

You can check out photos of the inside of the singer/songwriter’s former digs here.

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