Review: Hermitude ‘Dark Night Sweet Light’

Yesterday saw the US release of Hermitude’s new record, Dark Night Sweet Light, and we can not stop listening to it.

With the first track, Hermitude brings us a delightfully catchy trap-infused ethereal dance track. Utilizing faded synths and sporadic sampling at just the right times, “Hijinx,” brings about dreamy-yet-compelling presence to the opening of the album. In strikingly opposing fashion, “Through the Roof” unleashes some latino heat to the record. With the stylings of young New Zealand rapper, Young Tapz, the track is diverse as it is refreshing. Released as an early single, it makes for a compelling listen.

“Ukiyo,” slows down the album down again with its spliced female vocals overladen by tinkling synths and floating, atmospheric vibes. While it brings nothing incredibly new to the playing field, it is a in and of itself a well-produced track. “Searchlight,” picks up the pace again, this time recruiting for up-and-coming vocalist and producer, Yeo on for support. While essentially a trap tune, “Searchlight,” maintains the other stylings that Hermitude continues to build in the album.

“Bermuda Bay,” features deep house, key-heavy laden flavor, and maintains the same determined momentum of the tracks prior. Playing on what seems like the idea of a boat coasting the harbor, this track is slow moving and slightly haunting. Perpetuating the theme, and breaking away from the leap-frogging musical pattern of the album, “Hazy Love ,” is a dark and winding tale, woven by the little known, Chloe Kaul.

“The Buzz,” makes for perhaps the most compelling track of the record, featuring Mataya as well as Young Tapz who provide the beats. You’ll find a higher level of production here, with a variety of different sounds, melodies, and samples blended together in a typical Hermitude fashion, but with overarching emphasis.

I enjoyed a distinct world music theme while listening to this record, and “Metropolis,” perpetuates the vibe by introducing some oriental drums and sounds over a backing of 808’s. You will also find some truly mind-blowing work on the keys which combines to make Metropolis a standout track. “Midnight Terrain,” also bridges the same border left between the more atmospheric tracks of the album. Fully enveloped in inventive sampling and chugging percussion, it’s one of the better tracks on the album as well. “Shift,” serves as a harpsichord infused interlude as the album comes to a close with a reprise of the previous track, “Searchlight.”

There is no doubt that Hermitude has developed a signature sound, all of which is left on full display with this release. The duo bring about some of the most inventive sampling and musical craftsmanship out of the many albums released in recent years, and it is also a treat to hear such a diverse range of lesser-known artists take the stage as backup. While I knock the album slightly for it’s lack of cohesion as a whole, the consistency in style makes up for it. I highly recommend Hermitude’s Dark Night Sweet Light, for electronic music lovers and other’s alike.

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