Reports of rapper Lil Head Cold’s death spark confusion after ‘threat’ against Boosie Badazz’s son

Rapper Lil Head Cold in a photo from Instagram after his reported death
Lil Head Cold of Fooli Bandz was reportedly found dead after being linked to a comment on Boosie Badazz’ Instagram Live. Pic credit: @Lilheadcold/Instagram

Up-and-coming rapper Lil Head Cold reportedly died just days after popping up via a comment in a Boosie Badazz Instagram Live.

Fans began speculating that Boosie (whose real name is Torrance Hatch) may have had something to do with it. However, it looks like the timing of his apparent death is purely coincidental.

It all started during a recent Boosie Badazz IG Live where the rapper read out loud a threat that said, “I’ll kill your son, bring him to the show.”

The comment didn’t pop up on the screen during this recording, below, but Boosie can be heard reading it out loud. Boosie then says, “I promise you won’t live to brag about it. I protect my children.”

Later in the video, Boosie Badazz says he’s going to block “Lil Head Cold”, the person who reportedly made the threat against his son. First, though, he asked someone off camera to find out where the commenter was from and then block him.

Just days after apparently showing up in the comments of Boosie’s Instagram story, Lil Head Cold was reportedly found dead. It’s not entirely clear what happened to him, but based on the timing many began speculating whether the Baton Rouge rapper or one of his associates had something to do with it.

In the video, Boosie Badazz can be heard clearly saying, “Find out where he from. I’m about to send somebody at him.”

However, while some started claiming that Lil Head Cold was shot dead, others said he actually died of an overdose.

Details about Lil Head Cold’s apparent death are scarce. In fact, not much is known about him at all since the 21-year old Fooli Bandz rapper was still pretty new to the scene.

None of that seemed to sway commenters on Lil Head Cold’s Instagram who insisted that his reported death was a direct result of him allegedly threatening Boosie’s son.

“Y’all gone learn testin boosie gangsta like he can’t get you touched,” one commenter wrote.

Another followed with, “Even if he did do it , NOBODY NOT GON PLAY BOUT THEY KIDS ? perioddddddd ! Talk tough but what’s to show for it you end up a Vic it could’ve been anybody on that live his fans y’all don’t know mfs got es s**t tryna solve a case.”

Another questioned whether the Naptown rapper was even dead since his own Instagram story has been updated several times since reports of his death.

“I’m confused . I seen someone say he was dead 9 hrs ago but he posted on his ig story 6 hrs ago . So who lying ???”

There seems to be a lot of speculation still about what happened to Lil Head Cold. One thing that no one is arguing is that you shouldn’t threaten anyone’s kids and especially not Lil Boosie’s.

So far, Boosie hasn’t commented on the story, and has been busy celebrating his birthday. Monsters and Critics has reached out for further details about the story and will update this article as soon as we know more.

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