Radiohead share The Numbers video directed by P.T. Anderson

Still from Radiohead's new video The Numbers directed by P.T. Anderson
Still from Radiohead’s new video The Numbers directed by P.T. Anderson

Radiohead have shared an idyllic live video for The Numbers directed by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.

What can be better than Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and a drum machine hanging out under some pretty trees? There Will Be Blood and The Master director P.T. Anderson filming it!

Anderson and Greenwood have a rapport that is apparent in their frequent collaboration, with Greenwood having provided the score for all of Anderson’s most recent films, including last year’s Pynchon adaptation, Inherent Vice.

Now it seems Anderson is returning the favor by providing excellent visuals for Radiohead.

For the past couple of months, the band has shared three videos with the release of their highly anticipated A Moon Shaped Pool album, two of which were also directed by Anderson (including the surreal “Daydreaming” video).

This minimal video is just Thom and Jonny playing The Numbers with a gorgeous backdrop and three angle shots by Anderson.

It may sound boring but there is a certain tranquility to the performance, or at least how it’s presented by Anderson.

The blues-tinged riff by Yorke and Greenwood’s textural backing guitar come together excellently over a simple drum loop, resulting in a great, stripped-down live rendition of the song.

Watch the video for The Numbers below:

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