Phil McCormack death: Molly Hatchet frontman has died, cause of death revealed

Phil McCormack death
Phil McCormack, lead singer of Molly Hatchet, has passed away. Pic credit: lostcause53/YouTube

Phil McCormack, the frontman for rock band Molly Hatchet, has died. The 102.7 WSNR official Facebook page announced that the singer had passed away this week.

Molly Hatchet had recently been touring with McCormack before his unexpected death. The lineup for the band has changed several times since the 90s but recently consisted of Shawn Beamer, John Galvin, Bobby Ingram, Tim Lindsey, and McCormack.

McCormack’s cause of death was reportedly related to heart complications or a heart attack, according to 102.7 WSNR, the Rock Internet radio station. Molly Hatchet is yet to release an official statement on McCormack’s reported death.

In a follow-up statement, 102.7 WSNR said in regards to the Molly Hatchet frontman’s death:

“[McCormack’s death] is confirmed by friends and family. Looks like a heart attack but still waiting for confirmation on that part. But yes he has passed”

Molly Hatchet is a Southern hard rock band, best known for their hit 1979 record Flirtin’ with Disaster. The band was formed in Jacksonville, Florida.

McCormack officially joined the band in 1996 but stood in for the late and former Molly Hatchet frontman Danny Joe Brown many years prior.

The late singer was reportedly on tour when he unexpectedly died from a heart attack.

McCormack is survived by his family and friends.

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