Make Time for House Wunderkind Tchami

tchaI was fortunate this year to make it out to Michigan for what is known as the Electric Forest Festival. If you haven’t heard about it yet, I encourage you to check it out, as it is quickly becoming one of the most revered festivals in the US.

Although believed by some to be one of the happiest places on earth, there was one piece of news that gathered more than its fair share of collective outcries: deep house DJ and producer, Tchami, dropped off the lineup. Just about everywhere I went on that first day, I could hear people mentioning how sad they were to be missing the clerical-collar-donning French dance music denizen of the deep and all his otherworldly sounds. I could sympathize with them, he was my number one must-see of the weekend.

So what is it that makes Tchami so revered by his cult-like following?

Martin Bresso first made waves when he debuted his moniker back in 2013 after being given the name while visiting Africa. The Paris native first released a free EP on Fools Gold Records containing the tracks, “Shot Caller,” and “Promeeses,” which went on to be number 7 on the UK charts.

He has since released a number of singles and remixes, but has focused on quality over quantity. Despite this, Tchami has been picked up by a number of festivals world-wide, and has toured with everyone from Skrillex to DJ Snake. Maybe it’s because Tchami is seen by some to have helped usher in the future house movement, or maybe it’s because of our love to pursue mysterious figures, but whatever it is, Bresso has managed to captivate his audience, myself included.

Here are some of my favorite Tchami tunes to date:

Janet Jackson – “Go Deep” (Tchami Remix) (2013)

It was with this very song that Tchami blossomed into the already-crowded EDM scene, and it was with this song that Tchami sent dance floors ablaze. Almost guaranteed to be blasted out of speakers world-wide all Summer, this is a track that has flourished over the past two years. Leaning against the familiar sounds of Janet Jackson, and adding just the right amount of intrigue and flair, and a drop that will ensure you get off your feet, “Go Deep.” Is a gem.

Oliver & Jimi Jules – “Pushing On” (Tchami Remix) (2014)

It’s a massive feat for an artist to develop their own specific style and sound, especially so early in their career. Yet, Tchami has done it. “Pushing On,” perpetuates the same feel as all other releases prior to its time, but without feeling redundant. It conjures up a similar feeling to what you might get from a Flume track, if Flume lived in a cave with access to the outside world about an hour a day.

Tchami – Shot Caller (2014)

Just when we all thought Tchami couldn’t go any deeper, he did. With the release of “Shot Caller,” his second official release, you’ll find yourself grooving to the sounds of the underground. With a tantalizing opening and a drop that I can’t wait for every time it gets played, “Shot Caller,” is one of my favorites.

Tchami – Untrue (2014)

One of Tchami’s slower and more vocal-laden tracks, “Untrue,” is heady. Whenever this song creeps onto my iPhone all I can picture is someone driving through the Lincoln tunnel at 3 in the morning. Equally as deep and mysterious as the man himself, you’ll want to give “Untrue” a spin.

Tchami – After Life (2015)

If this article were a movie script, this part would be punctuated by a long round of silence. I can’t give this song enough praise. “After Life” is the best song Tchami has released to date, and perhaps my favorite song of the entire year. Slow, building, haunting, captivating, beautiful, and tragic “After Life,” chills me to my core, every time.

It’s one of those songs where you have to tell everyone around you to stop talking until it’s over. I’m not sure what it is about “After Life,” but if the song doesn’t hit you like a ton of bricks, just imagine yourself on a dance floor, late at night, with all of your closest friends dancing the night away. I pledge allegiance to the Tchami.

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