Lil Pump commencement speech? Label claims Gucci Gang rapper is headed to Harvard

Lil Pump in the new music video for Be Like Me ft. Lil Wayne
Is Lil Pump really headed to Harvard? Pic credit: Lil Pump/YouTube

It was just days ago that Lil Pump dropped the new single Harvard Dropout and now he may be headed there. However, it doesn’t look like anyone from the ivy league school knows about those plans.

On Monday, Lil Pump’s record label announced that he would be heading to Cambridge, Massachusetts to attend the Harvard graduation and give the commencement speech.

The thing is, Harvard already has Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel slated to speak at the event scheduled for May 30 at the Tercentenary Theatre.

Rumblings that Lil Pump was set to give the Harvard commencement speech started when Warner Bros. sent out a press release announcing as much.

“You don’t gotta graduate from Harvard to do this speech,” the press release reads. “I dropped out, so they called me like they called the guy that made Windows and PCs and s**t before I was born. You just need a cap and gown, which I got. When I found out, I was happy to give everyone a lesson. I’m all about the youth. Yes, they are the future. This is a preview of my speech, one word: ESSKEETIT!!!!!!”

What’s not clear is whether Lil Pump really thinks he’s headed to give the Harvard commencement speech in May or if this was just an elaborate joke in an effort to attract a bit off attention.

Either way, it certainly got people talking about his new album, Harvard Dropout.

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