Lil Nas X and Wrangler want you to scan and upload your booty to the internet

Lil Nas X in Old Town Road official movie
Lil Nas X is securing his bag with a Wrangler collab. Pic credit: Lil Nas X/YouTube

When Lil Nas X released Old Town Road, there’s no way he knew the song would blow up the way it did. Now, we’re just waiting to hear about those Gucci hats because he’ll be wearing Wranglers on his booty for quite a while now.

So far, the response to Lil Nas X’s new contract with Wrangler has come with mixed reviews but that hasn’t stopped him from repping the brand. In fact, in his latest Instagram story, the unlikely country star urges his fans to check out a new Wrangler On My Booty website — where fans are urged to upload photos of their booty to the internet. So…we tried it out.

Lil Nas X shows his Wrangler booty on Instagram
Lil Nas X tells fans to go to the new Wrangler On My Booty website in his Instagram story. Pic credit: @lilnasx/Instagram

After loading up the page, there is immediately a prompt to “scan your booty” with the promise of access to behind-the-scenes content.

That’s exactly what we did and then…nothing happened. After multiple attempts to scan a booty, any booty (and we tried a lot to no avail), it became clear that it had to be a Wrangler booty.

There are some additional tips presented to get past the booty scanner and gain access to the behind-the-scenes content. It says if taking a photo of your actual booty with a webcam doesn’t work you can scan a photo, so that’s exactly what we did.

In order for this to work, find a picture of a Wrangler butt with the actual leather Wrangler logo on it (the big stitched W doesn’t seem to work) and then scan it. Whether it’s your booty or someone else’s booty doesn’t seem to matter.

From there, the website will take you to behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the Old Town Road official movie featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. That “movie” was just released on May 17 and can be seen below.

How much bigger will Lil Nas X and the Old Town Road phenomenon get? There’s no telling but it’s clear that, despite the Billboard country charts denying him a place, he’s definitely a star on the rise.

How many people are currently trying to scan their booty and upload it to the internet? Let’s just hope most people realise you’re supposed to be wearing jeans when you do it.

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