Leah Kate delivers empowering pop single Veronica

Leah Kate
Leah Kate releases her new single, Veronica. Pic credit: press photo.

Rising pop singer Leah Kate is one of music’s most exciting upcoming songwriters and has kept fans fed with bop after bop.

For the past couple of years, the So Good talent has been releasing material independently and organically building up a loyal fan base.

Fresh from releasing her song Calabasas, Leah Kate has dropped another song for listeners to enjoy — Veronica. Keep reading to find out more.

Who is Leah Kate?

Born in California, Leah Kate began her music career by sharing her music to her YouTube channel in September 2018, according to Famous Birthdays.

Since then, she has released a number of singles and two EPs — Impulse and Used To This.

As of this writing, her most popular single is F**k Up The Friendship, which went viral on TikTok and has been streamed more than 29.2 million times on Spotify alone.

In a 2021 interview with EUPHORIA., she explained why she believes the song took off in a big way.

“It’s just so honest. First, I think the concept is really cool for liking your friend and f**king up the friendship, I don’t think that’s ever been done; it’s very unique,” she said, adding, “The production is amazing, the thumpy bass is really in in music right now. It’s super honest, relatable, and catchy as f**k. I took my life and wrote it down; it was so easy honestly. It was written off of a true story. I just put it into a song and people liked it.”

Leah Kate’s new single Veronica

Leah Kate’s new single Veronica is out now and is without doubt one of her best singles.

Lyrically, the song hears Kate take the cheater / other woman paradigm and flips it on its head by cleverly delivering humorous blows to the man that is involved in the love triangle. Instead of hating on the “other woman,” Kate takes the side of Veronica’s character, which creates an atmosphere of solidarity and empowerment alongside the “other woman.”

Listen to the song in full below:

“VERONICA IS OUT NOW? a savage story for your ears ? one of my favorite ones yet. go blast. I love you!!!!! thanks for making this one with me @louisschoorl @lowell______ @princedcf @cloudology @shungudzo,” she wrote on Instagram.

What’s next for Leah Kate?

Throughout September and October, Leah Kate will embark on a nationwide tour across North America with fellow musician Bailey Bryan.

The duo will kick things off in Los Angeles and will finish things off in Houston.

Full tour dates below:

Don’t forget to stream Veronica!

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