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Yuri misses the OT9 days of Girls’ Generation when Jessica was with them

Girls Generation
Girls’ Generation was originally nine members. In 2014, Jessica left the girl group to pursue solo endeavors. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) — better known internationally as Girls’ Generation — is probably the most iconic girl group in K-pop history.

Recognized among the K-pop community for their influence in Hallyu as well as being the blueprint for future successful girl groups like Red Velvet and Twice, they are innovators in their own right.

However, Girls’ Generation today is different from what they were in their rookie years starting back in 2007. Right now, they are an eight-member girl group with five members readily available for K-pop comebacks and promotions.

The other three — Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Seohyun — are no longer with SM Entertainment but still with Girls’ Generation. Prior to 2014, they were a nine-member girl group with Jessica Jung.

It has been four years since Jessica Jung left Girls’ Generation and they’ve moved on, but it was never the same. Even today, many K-pop fans reminisce the “OT9” days. And now, the current members of Girls’ Generation are showing they miss Jessica too, this time Yuri.

Yuri reminisced about the OT9 days in a recent update on her official Instagram via Stories. For those unable to read Hangul, it translates to, “Recalling memories again due to Sones.”

In the video, Jessica is clearly seen in the image. A fan commented wanting to talk about the Instagram story in which he or she asked if Yuri missed the OT9. Yuri did not directly respond, but she did like the comment.

The fact that Yuri is openly talking about Jessica is a possible sign that SM Entertainment is no longer being aggressive in not mentioning the former Girls’ Generation member.

Before, the remaining members had to “talk indirectly” if they wanted to discuss Jessica. That doesn’t seem to be the case as they are now talking and showing images of Jessica.

To be fair, it is possible SM Entertainment started recognizing Jessica Jung more in their music video for Girls’ Generation’s digital track Sailing.

K-pop fans, especially Sones (official fan club of the girl group) can’t help but see numerous signs pointing to Jessica being in the group. It would make sense if they include her in it as Sailing is a song dedicated to Sones and not including “The first member of Girls’ Generation” would be a travesty.

Right now, the remaining members of Girls’ Generation are busy with their solo endeavors. As for Jessica Jung, she released a Christmas special comeback titled One More Christmas.

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