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X1 disbands: Entertainment agencies of K-Pop boy group’s members decide on disbandment after CJ ENM rigged voting on PRODUCE X 101 discovered

X1, the boy group formed from the music competition variety show Produce X 101 has disbanded as a result of vote-rigging being exposed. Pic credit: CJ ENM

Since July 2019, the Mnet vote manipulation investigation exposed the South Korean entertainment scandal involving electoral fraud in several reality competitions produced and broadcast by Mnet.

The incident primarily involved the Produce 101 series and Idol School.

Unfortunately, the investigation has exposed vote-rigging and fraud on all of Mnet’s shows. As a result, the current K-pop acts formed from the shows had their promotions affected.

Sadly for the K-pop act formed from Produce X 101, the situation is so severe that the agencies representing the artists in X1 decided it is best to disband the group.

A tough decision is made in light of the scandal

On Monday, the entertainment agencies came together to discuss the future of the boy group formed from Produce X 101. After the meeting, the agencies decided it was best to disband the boy group, releasing the following statement to the public:

“This is Play M Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment, T.O.P. Media, OUI Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, DSP Media, Starship Entertainment and Brandnew Music.

After negotiation between X1 members and their companies under the condition of unanimous agreement, an agreement was not reached and have thus decided on their disbandment.”

In only five months, X1 officially disbanded, making them one of the shortest-lived K-pop acts in the industry’s history. The disbandment might also affect the public outlook of future Produce 101 series shows if Mnet chooses to continue onward with them.

The fans support X1 despite disbanding with #WeTrustX1

After the news of X1 disbanding was made public, many K-pop fans, especially those who are One-it (official fan club of X1), have shown their support for the boy group.

Many said that this wasn’t their fault, and they would support them even if they stayed together. To show their support, fans started to trend the hashtag #WeTrustX1 to show how they feel.

On the other hand, other fans showed their support by claiming X1 disbanding is a good thing for the members. Some said X1 staying together would have been difficult as they wouldn’t be able to promote properly with the scandal hovering over their heads.

Others said that by disbanding, X1 members are “now free” and “have a new beginning.”

Ultimately, X1 shouldn’t take the blame for the vote-rigging. Whether they earned their way into X1 or were “rigged in,” it should not negate the hard work, dedication, and heart they put into being a boy group.

Flash is the only hit X1 was able to release in the five months they were active. As viewers can see, each member worked hard to achieve their dreams and should receive a “well done” and a pat on the back for their perseverance.

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