Woollim Entertainment to take legal action over malicious comments after Mijoo incident

Mijoo was sexually harassed during a fan meeting earlier this month. Image Credit: Woolim Entertainment

Over the past couple of years, many Korean entertainment agencies have taken a strong stand in protecting the well-being of their artists. This is especially true when it comes to harassment of any kind, especially sexual pertaining to the female idols.

Now another Korean entertainment company has stepped up in protecting their artists, Their stand comes shortly after Mijoo of Lovelyz experienced alleged sexual harassment during a fan meeting.

Woolim Entertainment drops the legal hammer down!

Woolim Entertainment made the announcement on Wednesday, December 26, 2018, KST. They posted a message to the general public which reads the following below.

“First, we would like to thank all the fans who have given our artists (INFINITE, Lovelyz, Golden Child, and JOO) so much love and interest.

Recently, the number of online and offline personal attacks on individual artists, the spreading of malicious rumors, and other illegal forms of defamation of character have been increasing. This has caused serious mental and material damage to our artists, This has caused serious mental and material damage to our artists, and it has reached a level where we can no longer tolerate it.

In order to protect our artists’ character and interests, we inform you once again that we will be taking both criminal and civil legal action against sexual harassment, groundless libel, malicious calumny, and defamation posts against artists on portal sites, online communities, and social media.

Additionally, we would like to remind you that from this time onward, we will be swift and unforgiving against those who write, distribute, or are otherwise involved in the indiscriminate distribution of false information online, offline, or on social media, and we will take strong legal action without negotiation.

Finally, we will make every effort to protect our artists from further damage through ongoing data collection and monitoring of future cases.”

No more games after what happened to Mijoo

As mentioned earlier, the official statement by Woolim Entertainment to protect their artists came shortly after Mijoo experienced alleged sexual harassment. It happened during a fan meet-and-greet for the girl group’s fifth extended play (EP) titled Sanctuary on Friday, December 14, 2018, KST.

During the fan meeting, a male voice can be heard shouting, “Lift up your legs.” several times. After hearing the demand, Mijoo’s facial expression abruptly changes. Fellow member Jiae feigned shock. Finally, member Yein gave the alleged culprit a “warning” by pointing at him.

Many K-pop fans expressed disdain for the rude male fan’s disgusting request. Almost all of them claim what the fan did could be considered sexual harassment. Nevertheless, from what we know, the situation has been rectified.

Let’s hope that Woolim Entertainment keeps up with their threat towards those who would use malicious comments against their artists. Lovelyz is still in the midst of promotions for their EP Sanctuary. The last thing they need, especially Mijoo or any Woolim Entertainment act are malicious comments.

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