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Woojin leaves K-Pop act Stray Kids causing delay in comeback of mini-album Cle: LEVANTER

Woojin of Stray Kids
JYP Entertainment confirms Woojin of Stray Kids is no longer a member of the K-pop boy band. Pic credit: Naver X Dispatch

K-pop fans of Stray Kids received sad news earlier this week. It was confirmed that Woojin had left the K-pop act, thus delaying Stray Kid’s comeback, Cle: LEVANTER.

The leader of Stray Kids, Bang Chan, would follow-up on Woojin’s departure with a letter to fans explaining the situation.

JYP Entertainment confirms Woojin’s departure

The news of Woojin leaving Stray Kids was made known by his agency, JYP Entertainment, earlier this week on Monday, October 28.

A representative from the agency provided a statement to the media and how Stary Kids will be affected by his departure

“Woojin, who has been a Stray Kids member, has left the group due to personal reasons and we have canceled his exclusive contract. We apologize for causing concerns with this sudden news.

The press release also said that the Stray Kids’ mini-album Cle: LEVANTER would be pushed back from November 25 to a new release date of December 9.

It also sounds like the departure was on good terms, as JYP Entertainment asked fans to support Woojin on his “new road,” as well as continuing their support for the remaining eight members of the Stray Kids.

Bang Chan shows support to Stays after Woojin’s departure

K-pop fans around the world, especially those who are STAY (official fan club of Stray Kids), were shocked at the sudden departure of Woojin.

As a means to comfort Stary Kid’s fans, the leader Bang Chan penned a letter to fans about the situation and that he and the remaining members of Stray Kids will do their best for them.

“Today, I’m writing this late at night because I was worried about STAYs who must have been more surprised than anyone. We always wanted to be STAYs’ strength but my heartfelt heavy the whole day knowing you must have suffered a lot today.

I was very happy when I got to know that we’ll debut as nine but I’m sorry I couldn’t protect the number 9 until the end. Above all, the fact that we can no longer be nine, we’re in a situation where we have no choice but to accept reality.

Today too, STAYs were very worried about us SKZ. We’re alright so we hope STAYs aren’t hurting too much.

Although it will be a challenge for us to move on in the future, the 8 members will stay strong through it. We, Stray Kids, will keep moving forward on our music and performance and be STAYs’ strength.”

Eventually, Stray Kids will be back on pre-release promotions for their upcoming mini-album or extended play (EP), Cle: LEVANTER. And as mentioned earlier, the album is now expected to release on December 9.

With Woojin’s departure being recent, his last comeback was the digital single Double Knot on October 9, before the announcement of their District 9 Unlock World Tour.