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WINNER comeback: K-Pop boy group play ‘annoying brothers’ in Hold featuring Lee Soo-Hyun of AKMU

Winner promotion for Remember
Winner will release their third studio album, Remember, in April. Its title track song Hold features Lee Soo-Hyun of AKMU. Pic credit: YG Entertainment

So far, March has been one of the worst months ever for K-pop — let alone for Hallyu (Korean Wave) in general — because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Numerous K-pop acts were forced to either cancel or postpone upcoming events and promotions for everyone’s safety.

Still, some K-pop acts are keeping their communities entertained during this time of quarantining and social distancing. The K-pop boy group Winner (often stylized in all capital letters) early released one track called Hold from Remember, their upcoming third studio album.

Hold is a fun and light-hearted song. In the video, Winner members turn into “annoying brothers” opposite Lee Soo-Hyun of Akdong Musician (often stylized with the acronym AKMU).

“Annoying Brothers” to the rescue!

Hold is a pre-release song off the upcoming third studio album by Winner titled Remember. The tune was written and co-composed by fellow Winner member (Song) Mino. R.Tee also co-composed.

Hold’s lyrics center on two romantic ideals.

The first theme concerns the thoughts a man has as he initially gets to know a woman. The second concerns the thoughts of people watching other people as the latter find their romantic partners.

Just like with Winner’s previous songs, the hook is catchy.

Hold’s music video is among the most entertaining K-pop music videos made so far this year. In it, the four members of Winner play brothers opposite their sister, played by Lee Soo-Hyun of AKMU.

At the beginning of the music video, all five siblings are in the living room when the brothers notice that their sister is busy talking on her phone. The annoying and overly caring male family members want to know what is going on and so they spend the first half of the video trying to sneak a peek at their sister’s cell phone.

When the brothers find out their sister is communicating with a boy she likes, they tease her until the boy shows up. That’s when the guys become extra annoying as they try to ruin their sister’s relationship by way of one of the cheesiest dances ever seen on a K-pop music video.

In the end, the brothers accomplish their goal as the boy their sister likes hangs his head out of embarrassment before leaving. They are delighted.

The initial response is good but not as good as other YG Artists

Hold’s new music video dropped last Thursday and has accumulated more than five million views since then. Compared to YG Entertainment’s other K-pop acts, this number is quite low. Nevertheless, the appeal is better than the majority of K-pop acts signed to smaller entertainment agencies.

This indicates just how underrated Winner has been in the industry as a whole. In some ways, it makes sense that they are represented by YG Entertainment. Sadly, though, certain acts signed to the agency have accused them of having poor promotional skills. This is especially so with Black Pink.

On the other hand, Hold took number one on the iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 16 different regions. Among them are Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Honduras, Costa Rica, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Right now, Winner is in the midst of pre-release promotions leading up Remember’s official release set for April 9 at 6 p.m. KST.

K-pop fans who enjoy Hold can own the digital version of the song through music streaming services such as Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify.

For fans who want to own a physical copy of the upcoming album, Remember is available for pre-order at YG Select and YesAsia.

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