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Wheein of MAMAMOO makes solo comeback with Good Bye, some believe popular song depicts lesbian relationship

Wheein -- Soar
WHEEIN of Mamamoo made her solo comeback with new album Soar featuring title track song Good Bye. Image Credit: Rainbow Bridge World (RBW)

Jung Whee-In — better known as WHEEIN in K-pop’s Mamamoo — just made her solo comeback. Coming off the success of “25” from Mamamoo’s ninth EP White Wind, WHEEIN released her first single album, Soar. The first single is Good Bye.

Good Bye has proven to be a hit for WHEEIN as it sweeps charts, but the music video is getting a lot of talk among the K-pop community. The reason is that some believe the video depicts a lesbian relationship. Given how conservative Korea is, this is a big deal, especially in K-pop.

Wheein sings a soulful ‘Good Bye’

WHEEIN and Rainbow Bridge World (RBW) released her first single album, Soar, on Wednesday, Sept. 4. Not including instrumentals, the album consists of two songs. The first is Let’s Break Up. The second, which is also the album’s first single, is Good Bye.

According to details provided by RBW, Soar is recognized as a single album but is also an extension of WHEEIN’s solo debut, Magnolia. The title track is produced by Jung Key which in turn makes the song the second time Key and Wheein collaborated.

Koreans seem to love WHEEIN’s comeback as her song Good Bye is topping the realtime charts. As of Sept. 5, Good Bye scored number one on MelOn, Genie, Bugs, Naver, and Soribada. It was also number two on Mnet.

LGBTQ+ vibes

It is awesome that WHEEIN’s comeback is doing so well on the charts, but is also the center of discussion for apparently showcasing a lesbian relationship or lesbian love.

Throughout the music video, we watch WHEEIN enter the house of a couple. Inside, she destroys all the things belonging to the man, including his shirts. She also paints over the face of the man in the couple’s photo. On the other hand, she is obsessing over the woman, putting on her makeup, dancing with a female mannequin, re-doing her painting, smelling her perfume, and wearing her dress.

Near the end of the music video, the couple comes home to find their apartment trashed. The man assumes someone robbed them. However, the woman knows who’s been there as she sees the painting with the man’s face painted over.

WHEEIN, who was upstairs the whole time, sees the couple and can’t bear it. She cries her eyes out as she heads towards the balcony. The video implies she jumped, as she “soared” to let go of the pain.

The description of the music video is what many K-pop fans believe it means. That interpretation could be wrong, but the meaning is up to each viewer.

For fans interested in WHEEIN’s latest solo comeback, her song Good Bye is available on numerous music streaming and download services like iTunes and Pandora.

For those who want a physical copy of Soaring featuring the song Good Bye, pre-orders are available for purchase to international fans through YesAsia. The single album is expected to release on October 14.