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What is your Korean birth flower? Hopefully it sounds better than Jimin’s from BTS

Jimin from BTS
Jimin from BTS has a Korean birth flower that sounds a bit rude. Pic credit: @btsjimin/Instagram

Jimin from BTS suffered a bit of embarrassment recently when it was revealed that the name of his birth flower sounds a bit rude.

Many cultures have assigned specific flowers to particular calendar dates, which carry their own meaning and often convey messages and emotions.

Most cultures have assigned a flower to each month of the year. For example, Daisies are often associated with the present month of April.

However, in Korean culture, every day in the calendar has been assigned its own flower; therefore, on whatever day you were born, that is your own personal birth flower.

Every flower has a symbolic meaning and is supposed to reveal something about your character.

For example, today is April 8, and if it’s your birthday, firstly, happy birthday, secondly, you are represented by Anemone-Red (Wind Flower), which means “Love you,” aww.

Jimin from BTS has a birth flower which sounds a bit rude

It was discovered that poor Jimin of BTS, aka the Bangtan Boys, who celebrates his birthday on October 13, has a birth flower called “Spirea,” and it means “neat love.”

The problem is that in the Korean language, Spirea sounds quite rude — like “dead skin of a p*nis.” Ooops, cue lots of laughing from the other band members.

Jimin implored the other guys not to laugh when this was revealed, saying, “if you laugh, it makes the situation weird, don’t laugh.” Too late, Jimin.

On hearing the meaning “neat love,” the other band members joked at his expense that he is “quite neat.”

So, what is your birth flower?

All you have to do to find your Korean birth flower is to follow these two simple steps. Firstly, remember which day you were born and, secondly, click on one of the various websites out therewhich give you the full 365 days of the year with their respective flower and symbolic meaning.

The website above is available in Korean and English.

Alternatively, one Twitter user helpfully laid the whole calender out, complete with pictures of the flowers. Here’s January to April below.

And the rest of the year is below.

In other K-pop news, ONEWE has made a tentative comeback after a hiatus over the coronavirus pandemic by releasing their mini-album 3/4.

Further to that, K-pop boyband WINNER has also just released some music; a track called Hold from Remember, their upcoming third studio album.

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