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Weki Meki comeback: Fantagio Music K-Pop girl group to return with 3rd single album, Dazzle Dazzle, with Yoojung coming back

Weki Meki promotional picture for Dazzle Dazzle
Weki Meki will join many other K-pop acts in having their comeback in February 2020. This is one of their promotional pictures for the comeback, Dazzle Dazzle. Pic credit: Fantagio Music

February has so far been a very busy month for K-pop. Not even halfway through, fans have been bombarded with comebacks (Loona, GFriend, etc.) as well as debuts (Cignature and DKB).

The tantamount number of K-pop acts, especially those who have a huge fan following, should be intimidating for others to join into the comeback fray. However, the opposite seems to be happening as even more K-pop acts have announced comebacks.

With the aforementioned in mind, another popular girl group, Weki Meki, has made it known they’ll be making a comeback this month with the single album, Dazzle Dazzle. On top of that, they’ll be coming back with a full lineup as Yoojung returns from her hiatus.

Weki Meki will Dazzle Dazzle

The news of Weki Meki making a comeback this month was first announced earlier this month by Fantagio Music, the entertainment agency representing the girl group. In an official press release to the public, they not only announced the comeback but that Yoojung would return from hiatus.

“Weki Meki is releasing a new album in February. Choi Yoojung will be joining for the comeback, and they have completed the album jacket photo shoot.”

From the public announcement alone, it seems that Weki Meki’s comeback with a full member lineup was something already planned. Nevertheless, it is good to hear that Yoojung will be returning.

For those who do not know about the situation, Yoojung took a hiatus from Weki Meki activities starting in October of last year. We don’t know what exactly caused Yoojung to take the hiatus but it must have been serious enough for her to require sufficient rest to improve her condition.

To be frank, many Korean entertainment agencies are taking the health of their K-pop idols more seriously these days. With the hectic schedules many of them have with performances, promotions, and appearances, it is best K-pop idols stay healthy especially since their entertainment agencies are investing in them for long-term success.

Countdown to Dazzle Dazzle

The countdown to the digital single album Dazzle Dazzle officially started last Thursday, February 13, 2020. As of right now, concept photos and music video teasers were released as pre-release promotions.

There will be two more pre-release promotions prior to the release of the digital album and music video for Dazzle Dazzle. They include a performance film and JK Behind (Behind-The-Scenes making video and interaction) most likely on a Korean live stream service like VLive.

Eventually, the music video and digital album for Dazzle Dazzle will be available to the K-pop community on Thursday, February 20. Take note there will be no physical album as it seems the comeback will only be one song. Ergo, Dazzle Dazzle will only be available on music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

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