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VICTON comeback: Play M Entertainment K-Pop boy group returns ‘Howling’ for their fans

Victon posing for promotional picture for Continuous
Victon made their comeback with all members in 2020 with the album, Continuous. This is one of their promotional group pictures for the album. Pic credit: Play M Entertainment

Even though 2020 is still fairly new, last month was one of the busiest months in K-pop. It just seemed as if a K-pop act was making their comeback or debut every single day. However, it was also a month loaded with upcoming comeback announcements too.

One of the K-pop acts who announced their comeback at that time was Voice to the New World, better known as Victon (often stylized in all capital letters). In their announcement, they made it known they will be releasing their sixth extended play (EP), Continuous, featuring the song Howling. Victon also made it known they would be returning with the full lineup which includes Seungwoo.

Now the wait is over. Victon has officially released Continuous. With their sixth EP, they are “Howling” for their fans.

Entering 2020 with Howling

Victon officially made their comeback, the first for 2020, on Monday, March 9, 2020, at midnight KST, just ahead of the album’s official release. The title track song, Howling, is a smooth and sensual R&B/hip-hop track backed by the silky sounds of a piano.

As for the music video, the theme is further highlighted by dark backgrounds highlighting dark tones of blue, brown, and red. There are also foreshadows of wolves and the moon, something that makes sense as wolves howl at the moon.

On the technical side of things, Howling is co-written by Victon member Hanse. He also co-wrote lyrics for all the songs on Continuous.

Also, Continuous officially marks Seungwoo’s return to the K-pop boy group too. Last year, he participated in the Mnet music survival variety show, Produce X 101, a spin-off season of Produce 101, the show that created I.O.I.

Seungwoo placed high enough in the show to become part of the K-pop boy group, X1. Unfortunately for them, the companies behind the Produce series of shows were found to be vote-rigging.

This means that despite the show saying fans watching the show can vote who they want in the K-pop group, the companies behind the shows already know who they want and would “rig” or “fix” votes to make sure they get who they want.

Ultimately, the agencies of all the members of X1 have decided it was best for the boy group to disband in the shadow of the controversy and scandal.

Right now, Victon is in the midst of post-release promotions for Continuous. Take note that certain promotions that were scheduled might either be canceled and rescheduled or postponed because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic.

Victon’s sixth studio album, Continuous, and its featured title track song, Howling, is available digitally on most music streaming services. For international K-pop fans who want to own a physical copy of the album, it is available for purchase at YesAsia. There are three versions of the album, blue, light, and dark.

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