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VICTON comeback: K-Pop boy group returns in March with 6th mini-album Continuous

Victon promo picture for From.VICTON
Victon will be making their K-pop comeback in March with their sixth mini-album, Continuous. This picture is one of their group promos for their fourth mini-album, From.VICTON. Pic credit: Play M Entertainment

As the February K-pop rush slowly winds down, many are now looking forward to March to see which K-pop acts will be making their comebacks or debuts for 2020.

So far, we know that Winner will be making their last comeback prior to the members fulfilling their mandatory military service in the Korean military. We also know that Itzy might be making a comeback in that month though JYP Entertainment clarified their comeback will happen sometime in the Spring season, not specifically during March.

Now we have news of a third K-pop act making their comeback in March. Voice to the New World — better known by their acronym Victon (often stylized in all capital letters) — will make their comeback with their sixth mini-album, Continuous. They will also return with all seven members now that Seungwoo is available after X1’s disbandment.

Victon is Continuous

The news of Victon making their K-pop comeback in March, the first for 2020, was first announced on Monday, February 17, 2020, at midnight KST. At the time, they revealed the comeback would be their sixth extended play (EP) or mini-album, Continuous, and the official release date would be Monday, March 9.

Two days later, Victon released the pre-release promotions schedule leading up to the release of Continuous. This is a list of when promotional pictures, teaser trailers, and other forms of pre-release promotions will release to the public. They are as follows:

  • February 21: Album Tracklist and Pre-Order Available
  • February 24: Album Poster and Trailer
  • February 26: Concept Photo #1 and Moving Poster
  • March 3: Concept Photo #2
  • March 4: Concept Photo #3
  • March 5: Highlight Medley
  • March 6: Howling Music Video Teaser
  • March 7: Howling Choreography Spoiler
  • March 9: Howling Music Video and Album Release

Right now, the tracklist for Continuous has been released. From what we are given, the songs all seem to have a dark theme and the title track song is Howling.

Tracklist for Continuous by Victon
The first pre-release promotion for Victon’s sixth mini-album, Continuous, is a revealing of the tracklist. Howling will be the featured title track song. Pic credit: Play M Entertainment

Howling was composed by HSND’s Hidden Sound and Han Gang, Nano, and WWW. Victon member Hanse took part in writing the lyrics in which he did for all of the songs on this album.

It actually should be noted that certain members of Victon took part in certain songs on the Continuous album. Seungwoo and Hanse took part in writing lyrics for Nightmare. Seungsik and Seungwoo both co-wrote lyrics and co-composed Petal. Lyrics for All I Know were written by Chan and Hanse. Finally, Seungwoo, Sejun, and Hanse wrote lyrics for White Night.

Returning as seven members

Another highlight to take note of about Victon’s upcoming comeback is that they’re going to be returning as seven members. Since late last year, Seungwoo was unavailable as he was busy promoting as one of the members of X1, the K-pop boy group formed from Produce X 101.

Unfortunately, a vote-rigging scandal in both Mnet and CJE&M has caused all the respective agencies of the members of X1 to come together and decide the fate of X1. In the end, they all decided it was best for X1 to disband.

Seungwoo’s return to Victon was later confirmed by Play M Entertainment through a post they uploaded on their official Twitter account.

We still have some time until Victon makes their first K-pop comeback for 2020. There are still plenty of pre-release promotions that have yet to be released. For K-pop fans who are set and know they’ll want a physical copy of Continuous when it releases, pre-orders can be made for international fans at YesAsia.

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