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V of BTS admired by fans for acts of kindness towards NU’EST W and Paul Kim at 33rd Golden Disc Awards

V of BTS is being admired by fans for his acts of kindness during the 33rd Golden Disc Awards. Image Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

Presently, BTS — also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, and their backronym Beyond the Scene — is the most-popular K-pop act in the world today. Despite their fame and fortune, they remain one of the most humble musical acts around too.

BTS may show humility, but one member stands out for being emphatic towards others, V. To further enforce how emphatic he is, fans are admiring him for his acts of kindness during the 33rd Golden Disc Awards especially towards K-pop boy band Nu’Est W.

Showing kindness to NU’EST W

The first act of kindness V showed at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards was towards K-pop boy band Nu’Est W. According to a video recorded by an attendee in the audience, Nu’Est W returned to their seats after performing. They realized there were only three seats. Not wanting to look like a boy band that has three members seating and one standing, they opted to have two members sit while the other two stands. They would switch out, taking turns sitting and standing.

V, who was sitting near Nu’Est W, saw the situation and quickly delivered a fourth chair to them. Nu’Est W showed their appreciation as all four members could sit comfortably. Jimin approved V’s act of kindness by giving him a hi-five.

Providing Paul Kim company

There was another time V showed an act of kindness at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards. Because of the performance schedule, there was one time when the only musical acts left in the audience seats were BTS and Paul Kim. Since BTS consists of seven members, they had each other for company. Kim on the other hand was alone.

V realized that Paul Kim was alone, the former invited the latter over to sit with them so he wouldn’t be alone. That one solitary act of kindness was enough for Kim to become a BTS fan. He even took to his personal Instagram to take a picture with BTS. The caption he wrote read, “Words can’t describe. I kept deleting and rewriting this post. I’m officially a fan of BTS.”

Big winners in their careers, bigger winners with fans

BTS won it big at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards. This will help further the K-pop boy band’s careers. They might even become the most popular K-pop act of all time because of what they’ve accomplished and the barriers they’ve broken down.

What V did however will make him a fan of people in general. Either they admire K-pop or not, fans who saw what he did for Nu’Est W and Paul Kim will be remembered timelessly even after BTS is done.

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