TXT: Important questions nobody is asking about Tomorrow X Together, BigHit Entertainment’s new K-Pop boy group and BTS’ ‘hoobaes’ [Exclusive]

Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is the new K-pop boy group formed under Big Hit Entertainment. Pic credit: Big Hit Entertainment

The K-pop community is going crazy now that Big Hit Entertainment (sometimes stylized as BigHit Entertainment) has revealed a brand-new K-pop boy group, Tomorrow X Together, better known as TXT.

The five-member boy group — consisting of Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai — will do their best to capture the hearts and minds of K-pop fans just like their “seniors” BTS did.

Right now, Big Hit Entertainment is releasing a lot of pre-debut information and teasers to help bolster TXT among K-pop fans. They are also providing information on the members, which in turn provides answers to many questions fans may have about both the group and the members too.

However, the questions being asked are common among the K-pop community. What about the very important questions that nobody is asking? There are many, but three really stand out and we will answer them for you here.

Why is Big Hit Entertainment forming a new K-pop act now of all times?

To help answer this question, we need to bring up a fact about BTS. It has been almost seven years since the popular boy group made their debut and within that time, Big Hit Entertainment did not form any other K-pop acts. Why form TXT now when they could have earlier on?

Big Hit Entertainment has not given an answer to this question as far as I know of, but from what I see, it is so they could fully concentrate on making BTS the best boy group they can be.

Their dedication and commitment paid off as BTS is now the most-popular K-pop boy group in the world today. As a matter of fact, they are being recognized as one of the most-important boy groups in K-pop history among fans.

BTS Face Yourself
BTS pose for promotions for their 2018 Japanese album Face Yourself. Pic credit: Big Hit Entertainment

Take note that Big Hit Entertainment is a small entertainment agency despite it being a subsidiary of a much larger entertainment agency. If they were to debut a new K-pop act while BTS was just becoming bit or hitting their prime, they would have to split up their resources among the two.

I am not saying BTS wouldn’t be as big as they are now, but it is probable with another K-pop act present, it could have taken longer to reach success.

As for why Big Hit Entertainment is forming a new K-pop act now, it is most-likely because BTS is self-sustaining. They are so popular internationally that their agency doesn’t have to do much to “keep them on top.”

On the other hand, BTS is coming up on seven years which is usually the length of the “K-pop curse” in which groups disband. For BTS, fans can see it being possible with each members’ solo career taking precedence as well as how much money they’ve made individually.

The latter is proven by the numerous articles of BTS members Jin, Suga, and Jungkook buying expensive apartments in cash for investments.

With budding solo careers and a lot of money to boot, why would BTS struggle with the hardship of continuing onward as a boy group? They’ve earned their dues and could “take it easy” as soloists.

To be blunt, they can disband and have a less-hectic schedule. I mean it did cross their minds to disband so it is possible, more so now.

On Big Hit Entertainment’s end, forming a new K-pop act now is technically an investment. With BTS’ future as a boy group in question now that they hit seven years and are “on top of their game,” TXT is the new K-pop act that will “step up” just in case BTS “steps down.”

This doesn’t mean they’ll be better than BTS as juniors may not always be better than their seniors (4minute and CLC come to mind), but at least Big Hit Entertainment won’t suddenly “lose their source of income.”

Why is Big Hit Entertainment debuting another boy group? Why not a girl group?

K-pop doesn’t just consist of boy groups but girl groups also. Over the years, there have been some prominent girl groups that have pushed Hallyu.

Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) — better known as Girls’ Generation — is the most popular girl group in K-pop history. However, if we talk about labels, JYP Entertainment is known for producing more popular girl groups than any other label.

They had Wonder Girls and Miss A. They currently have Twice. And very soon, they are debuting a new girl group, ITZY, who are already making waves in the K-pop community just on the announcement alone.

ITZY is the new K-pop girl group under JYP Entertainment. Pic credit: JYP Entertainment

With K-pop girl groups also being popular, why didn’t Big Hit Entertainment debut a girl group?

Two possible reasons. The first is they might not have anyone on staff with the experience with girl groups. If you look at Big Hit Entertainment’s talent history, they don’t have one single girl group that is solely their own.

They’ve co-managed Glam with Source Music, the same agency known for GFriend. Glam was doing well but Dahee’s blackmail scandal ended the girl group when they were up-and-coming.

The other and probably more important reason is that boy groups simply make more money than girl groups. The majority of K-pop fans are female and they tend to levitate towards boy groups.

They also seem to have long-lasting loyalty too. For girl groups, they do have female fans (just like boy groups have male fans), but they tend to have more male fans. Unfortunately, in K-pop, male fans tend to levitate to the newer, younger girl groups as time goes by.

As a matter of fact, girl groups can only be popular for a season, then a new girl group appears and the previous girl group is no more. All one has to do is search and see many examples of this happening.

Does TXT have to follow the same path BTS did to become just as popular?

This question will be easier to answer even though the answer is both yes and no. At the time when BTS was debuting, nobody knew who Big Hit Entertainment was.

To get their name out there, BTS members built a “relationship” a “rapport” with the K-pop community through social media interaction.

It would actually be more than a year before they made their official debut, but when they did, it was a hit because they already established a fan base — not on their work, but through intimacy.

I believe Big Hit Entertainment will do the same for TXT.

Right now, TXT has numerous social media platforms for fans to interact on and Big Hit Entertainment is releasing a good amount of pre-debut promotions on them too.

The big difference is TXT already has a “fan base” simply because they are BTS’ juniors. As a result, TXT should follow the same path as BTS to popularity, but most-likely, it won’t take as long to get there for them.

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