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TWICE K-Pop comeback wants fans to Feel Special — The story behind how JYP wrote the song will melt your heart!

Twice -- Feel Special
Twice supposedly made their last comeback for the year with Feel Special. Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

Twice (often stylized in all capital letters) is currently the most popular K-pop girl group in South Korea today.

Since their debut in 2015, the nine-member girl group consisting of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu have released several albums with chart-topping singles.

Outside of promotions and tours, Twice has so far made one comeback with their mini-album or extended play (EP), Fancy You. Now they’re making their second comeback with their latest mini-album or EP titled Feel Special.

The song will surely make K-pop fans feel special. If that is not enough, the story behind how Park Jin-Young wrote it will.

Making fans Feel Special

Feel Special, the title track off their eighth EP was released on Monday, September 23. Just like their other songs, Feel Special has a vibrant, uplifting sound that makes listeners want to dance.

Twice has also been utilizing atmospheric verses and perky raps that lead into boisterous, impactful choruses.

The music video for Feel Special is doing very well on YouTube since its upload on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube page. The video currently has over 44 million views and is climbing.

Though 44 million views are considered an accomplishment by many, they are not as high as their previous comebacks. Those views were just a little more than what Twice’s last comeback, Fancy You, made in 24 hours. Even with that setback, Feel Special has trended on YouTube since its debut.

Also, YouTube has changed its algorithm so that videos promoted using bought ads do not count towards the overall views.

And if the views and trends on YouTube aren’t enough to prove how good Feel Special is, then the sales will. Over the past three days, Feel Special has been the top seller on international charts in several countries. In the United States, Feel Special held the number one spot on iTunes Worldwide Album Charts for the past three days.

Park Jin-Young’s inspiration for writing Feel Special

Probably the most special part of Feel Special is the story of how Park Jin-Young (JYP) wrote the song. Reportedly, JYP was inspired to write the lyrics based on conversations he had with the members of Twice.

During those conversations, they shared the emotions they felt since their debut. He made sure the lyrics described someone who is the light at the end of a dark tunnel conveying words of comfort for people who feel insignificant and hopeless.

Right now, Twice is participating in post-release promotions for Feel Special, which includes music competition variety shows. Unfortunately, Mina will not be participating in them due to her anxiety disorder diagnosis.

Jihyo will also be seated while performing because, during a rehearsal, her neck became stiff, and she ended up in the hospital.

Feel Special is available on all major music streaming sites such as iTunes and Spotify. For fans who want to own a physical copy of Feel Special, all the versions of the album are available for purchase at YesAsia.

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