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TREASURE13: YG Entertainment confirms that Ha Yoonbin will not be in the debut of the long-awaited K-Pop boy group

Treasure 13
Treasure 13 is a boy group formed through YG Entertainment’s survival program YG Treasure Box. Pic credit: YG Entertainment

Back in 2018, YG Entertainment sought to create a brand new boy group through a music competition variety show similar to how JYP Entertainment created TWICW through SIXTEEN.

As a result, the boy group TREASURE13 formed through the music competition variety show, Treasure Box. Based on the number 13, the boy group consisted of 13 members — Choi Hyunsuk, Park Jihoon, Kim Junkyu, Yoshinori, Mashiho, Yoon Jaehyuk, Asahi, Bang Yedam, Kim Doyoung, Haruto, Park Jeongwoo, So Junghwan, and Ha Yoonbin.

After the line-up for TREASURE13 was made, it took forever for them to make their debut. Maybe the rumors of certain members, along with Treasure Box contestants, leaving YG Entertainment had something to do with it.

Now we know that TREASURE13 will finally be making their debut soon. However, one of the members will not make the debut with the boy group. YG Entertainment confirms that Ha Yoonbin will not debut with TREASURE13.

Ha Yoonbin desires to be a soloist

In an official statement released by YG Entertainment about TREASURE13, the company revealed that Ha Yoonbin will not be debuting with the boy group.

He expressed the desire to be a soloist, and as of last Tuesday, he is no longer part of the boy group. YG Entertainment agreed to terminate his contract to let him go.

As a result of Ha Yoonbin’s departure, the initial plans for TREASURE13 suddenly changed. Originally, YG Entertainment wanted to split TREASURE13 into two groups, Treasure 7 and Magnum 6. While both are together, they would be known as TREASURE13.

With Yoonbin gone, the direction of the two groups was scratched, and the 12 members will perform together as Treasure. They will have active promotions, which include both unit and solo promotions.

Finally, the members of Treasure will be allowed to have an active role in their songs as in writing, direction, and composition. The reason for YG Entertainment allowing this is that K-pop fans praised the members’ self-composed releases during Treasure’s delayed debut.

At this moment, we still don’t have any concrete information on when Treasure will debut. However, they may finally make their debut this year, given the recent information YG Entertainment released about them.

To learn more about Treasure before their debut, check out the official YouTube channel of the show that helped create them, YG Treasure Box. There are highlights from the variety show competition and behind-the-scenes goodies for fans to enjoy.

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