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TheEastLight no longer with Media Line Entertainment: Agency terminates contracts with K-pop boy band amid abuse scandal

The East Light in Love Flutters
The East Light performing in the music video for Love Flutters. Pic Credit: Screen Capture of Love Flutters

The East Light (often stylized as TheEastLight) is no longer with Media Line Entertainment. On Monday, October 22, 2018, Media Line Entertainment revealed through an official statement they decided to terminate their contract with the four remaining members of The East Light.

“After deep consideration, we are announcing that we have decided on terminating the company’s contracts with the remaining four members of The East Light.”

Following the initial statement, Media Line Entertainment made it clear there was discussion among the remaining members of The East Light and their parents prior to arriving at a decision to terminate contracts. They tried to rationalize that keeping the other members in the midst of the abuse scandal would be worrisome for them. They also explained they will participate in any legal investigation pertaining to the scandal too.

“However, we had the concern of the young members receiving additional pain as they stand in the center of the issue through this press conference, and considering the members’ pain and futures as the priority, we reached the conclusion that terminating the four members’ contracts would be the best measure. We are discussing the contract termination process with the four members’ parents.

We worry about the members feeling uncertainty for their futures with the termination of the contracts, but we ask for your support so that the young members can no longer be hurt and dream again after healing their pains. In addition, as the controversy continues to grow and is brought to attention continuously, we will not unnecessarily respond to press in consideration of the potential pain of the six members including the brothers (Seokcheol and Seunghyun).

Also, we will diligently participate in the upcoming legal investigation, and in this process, we will not avoid responsibility and address problems. We sincerely request that the speculative reports without investigation results that can cause pain to the members will no longer be released from this time forth.”

The aftermath of a scandal with no hope of retribution for Media Line Entertainment

At this point, Media Line Entertainment terminating their contracts with the remaining members of The East Light is damage control. There is no way they can work around the huge scandal that was brought on them last week.

According to an exclusive report by Korean news outlet Xportsnews that members of The East Light were abused. In further detail, Kim Chang-hwan, the CEO of Media Line Entertainment, verbally abused the two while one of the agency’s producers only known as “Producer ‘A'” physically abused them. This went on from 2015 up until now.

Eventually, the leader of The East Light Seokcheol would open up on the physical and verbal abuse the K-pop boy band received on October 19 with the help of their lawyer Jung Ji-seok at a planned press conference. He would detail that the members were hit numerous times in the buttocks with baseball bats and iron bars.

He even brought up that his younger brother Seunghyun was hit numerous times in the head, thighs, arms, and buttocks to the point he was traumatized by it all. Seunghyun is currently receiving psychotherapy treatment for all the threats and violence done to him.

When Producer “A” returned to Media Line Entertainment, Seunghyun protested to CEO Kim. He was forced out of The East Light for it. He made it known to his parents what was going on at the agency.

With Seunghyun no longer with the group, his brother Seokcheol decided to leave claiming they cannot stay with an “inhumane agency any longer.” Both of them will continue forward with legal action against both Producer “A” and CEO Kim.

A sad conclusion for an up-and-coming K-pop boy band

The fact that The East Light had to abruptly disband in such a matter is debilitating for K-pop fans. First off, they are one of the few K-pop groups to use instruments. The only other one most know of is CNBlue and the final reincarnation of Wonder Girls before they disbanded.

Now they are officially disbanded, The East Light leaves behind a repertoire of one extended play (or mini-album), four single albums, with eight music videos. Their latest music video for their song Love Flutters received an outpouring of support after their abuse was made known.

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