Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation to spend 2020 on health and treatment, scares K-Pop fans with recent Instagram Story saying ‘I’m Sorry’

Taeyeon in Season 2
Taeyeon, the popular soloist, and leader of Girls’ Generation will be concentrating on her health in 2020. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

2019 was one of the most successful years for Kim Tae-Yeon, better known by her stage mononym Taeyeon.

The SM Entertainment soloist and leader of So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) — better known internationally as Girls’ Generation — released her digital single Four Seasons, released her second studio album Purpose with title track song Spark, and performed the Korean version of Into the Unknown from the Frozen 2 OST.

Unfortunately, 2019 has also been a hard year for Taeyeon too. It was this year she admitted to her fans that she suffers from depression. In 2020, she plans on taking care of herself and her health.

Concentrating on her mental health in 2020

Last Tuesday, Taeyeon took to her official Instagram account to wish all her fans a Happy New Year. She also expressed her hopes and dreams heading into 2020. Apparently, she wants to work on her health.

In the caption above, Taeyeon mentions her “scars” and how it is hard to look back on them — they are still there. She wants to focus on “treating those scars” in 2020.

The caption Taeyeon wrote is translated to English below. Take note the caption is a general adaption to the English language as there are terms that would not make sense if it were a direct literal translation.

“Because looking back on bad memories is difficult and cruel, I’m doing my best to recall good memories. But the scars are still there. I can still see them, and it’s sad and painful. Going to focus more on treating those scars in 2020, and I’d like it if I found peace of mind enough to comfort myself. Since I know myself best.”

K-pop fans concerned with Taeyeon’s Instagram story

It is good that Taeyeon is taking time to get better mentally, but there was one moment via social media that scared her fans. On January 3, Taeyeon posted an image of herself in a dark room as she looks into the camera and says, “I’m sorry.”

She also used two sad face emojis and a red “X” emoji.

Scared fans flooded Instagram with kind words of love and support. The update was similar to the last times Sulli and Hara were on social media before they reportedly committed suicide.

Right now, fans are keeping an eye out for Taeyeon, showing their love and showering support. She has said in the past that love and support helped her move forward. Let’s hope fans attending her live concerts from January 17-19 will give her even more love.

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