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SuperM: Korean K-Pop fans have fun choosing an all-female version of SM Entertainment supergroup

Girls Generation and Red Velvet
Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet are often seen together as “seniors and juniors” at music events. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

It has been a week since Super M officially made their debut with their song and music video titled Jopping. Advertised as the “Avengers of K-Pop,” the K-pop supergroup consisting of members from Super Junior, EXO, NCT, and WayV are doing okay if people consider who the members are. Maybe they’ll build more hype as the continue onward with their We Are The Future North America tour.

With the hype surrounding the newly-formed SuperM, many Korean K-pop fans, especially the Korean netizens, have wondered who would make up a female supergroup. After much online debate in chats, clubs, and forums, they have generally decided on who the members of this all-female supergroup should be. However, international K-pop fans are not on the same page, as many disagree.

Korean netizens vs. International netizens

Korean K-pop fans (primarily netizens) were debating, arguing, and deciding on the members of the all-female version of SuperM over the past two to three weeks. Though they never officially announced any criteria, it seems they followed specific “rules” in picking.

First, all the members of the female SuperM must be active in their careers (not disbanded). Second, they must work under SM Entertainment. Finally, they must be from a K-pop girl group (no soloists or duos).

With those unspoken “rules” in mind, Korean K-pop fans picked five artists to represent the all-female SuperM. They are listed below, along with either international fans agreeing with them or wanting another member to represent.

Taeyeon and Yuri from Girls’ Generation

Taeyeon and Yuri
Taeyeon (left) and Yuri (right) of So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), better known as Girls’ Generation. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

The first and second members of the all-female SuperM Korean K-pop fans and netizens picked are in So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), better known as Girls’ Generation. Taeyeon was selected to be the main vocalist and leader, while Yuri was picked to be the principal dancer.

Though Taeyeon is a powerful vocalist with a very successful solo career, the all-female SuperM would probably follow in the all-male version’s attempt to appeal more so to international audiences, especially in North America. With that in mind, people these days are overly sensitive when it comes to social justice, especially racism. Taeyeon commented on Alicia Keys in which a general translation read, “For a black person, she’s real pretty.” Certain people went crazy over this statement when another translation has no real issue with racism, as well. To this day, people still debate it, and that issue would make Taeyeon a “hard sell” for some.

As for Yuri, she technically isn’t as popular with international audiences as other Girls’ Generation members. In the end, international fans seemed to want Hyoyeon for her phenomenal dancing and Yoona because she is very popular internationally (most likely from her appearances in K-dramas).

Krystal of f(x)

Krystal Jung
Krystal is the only remaining member of f(x) still signed to SM Entertainment. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

The third member of the all-female SuperM was Krystal from f(x). At this moment, she is the only member of the girl group who can be in the supergroup as the other three members of f(x) have chosen not to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment. Still, Krystal is a good choice on her own as she was known for her looks along with her singing and dancing. Therefore, she would be center/visual.

Probably the only issue with Krystal being in the supergroup is her working with any members of Girls’ Generation. Though we don’t know what happened back in 2013, Krystal has said she believes it was the other members of Girls’ Generation and their parents who drove out Krystal’s sister Jessica.

It might be awkward to have Krystal work alongside any members of Girls’ Generation. SM Entertainment would probably do a better job bringing in Sulli, the former member of f(x), over Krystal.

Wendy and Seulgi of Red Velvet

Seulgi and Wendy
Wendy (left) and Seulgi (right) of Red Velvet. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

Wendy and Seulgi are members of Red Velvet. The former was probably picked as a liaison for North American audiences as she is originally from Canada and can speak English well. Seulgi has suddenly become quite popular among the other girls even though she initially was “hated” for joining Red Velvet after they debuted.

Wendy would be a tactical member for the all-female version of SuperM, and Seulgi is popular among Korean audiences. However, the supergroup needs to appeal more to international audiences. Irene and Joy are considered more popular than the other two. Many linked Irene to Taeyeon, and Joy is famous thanks to her appearances in K-dramas.

Ultimately, the all-female version of SuperM was made just for fun among netizens and fans. Will SM Entertainment ever make such a girl group? Maybe, maybe not. But if SuperM is successful, the chances of a female version coming into fruition could go up.

Right now, SuperM is amid post-release promotions after their debut song Jopping dropped. While we keep up with them, which female SM Entertainment artists should be used to make the all-female version of SuperM?

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