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Starship Entertainment announces new K-Pop boy group to debut before mid-2020, will include Song Hyeong-Jun and Kang Min-Hee from X1

Starship Entertainment trainees
Starship Entertainment recently announced they will be forming a new boy group in 2020. Some of the members may include their trainees who appeared on Produce X 101 as pictured here. Pic credit: Starship Entertainment/Mnet

In less than two months into the new year, 2020 has already produced two new K-pop acts. A new girl group and boy group, Cignature and DKB respectively, have made an impact with their debuts.

However, there is one boy group many K-pop fans have been anticipating since they were announced back in 2019 and they will be under Starship Entertainment. Now a little over half a year since they were announced, the new boy group is right on the horizon of their debut. Not only that but both Kang Min-Hee and Song Hyeong-Jun of X1 will also be part of the new boy group.

Starship Entertainment announces the new boy group

The news of Starship Entertainment launching a new boy group this year was announced last week. A source representing the Korean entertainment agency provided an official statement on the matter.

“Last year, we revealed our plans to launch a new boy group in 2020. We are preparing and aiming to have the group debut in the first half of this year, and former X1 members Kang Min Hee and Song Hyeong Jun will be joining the rookie boy group.

As this is Starship Entertainment’s first boy group since Monsta X’s debut six years ago, we will provide unsparing support, and we will do our best to return the love and interest shown by fans. The name of the rookie boy group and details about the team will be revealed at a later time.”

The biggest takeaway from this statement is the fact that the two Starship Entertainment trainees who won on Produce X 101 and became members of X1 will be in this boy group. Pertaining to their careers, this will give the two a “fresh start” as X1 was tainted with controversy when Mnet was accused of rigging the votes of Produce X 101.

Meet the members of the new nine-member boy group

After Starship Entertainment revealed the new boy group will debut sometime in the first half of 2020, K-pop fans sought out who the other members of the boy group would be. Because of X1, most already know Kang Min-Hee and Song Hyeong-Jun. Eventually, it was revealed the new boy group would consist of nine members and will be known as “Starshipz” until their official name is revealed.

News of Starshipz is currently on-going until they officially make their debut sometime before mid-2020. Given the good record Starship Entertainment has with their K-pop acts, we know this new boy group will get plenty of coverage and exposure until then.

It should also be noted this K-pop boy group will be the third boy group to launch under Starship Entertainment. Prior to them, they launched Boyfriend (2011) and Monsta X (2014).

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