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SONAMOO comeback: TS Entertainment girl group reportedly making comeback two years after Happy Box Part 2, will return as five members

Sonamoo as five members.
Sonamoo will reportedly make their comeback after two years as five members. Pic credit: TS Entertainment

Ever since they debuted in 2014, Sonamoo (often stylized in all capital letters) has been fashioned as the second-generation K-pop girl group formed under TS Entertainment.

The seven-member group consisting of Minjae, D.ana, Euijin, High.D, NewSun, Nahyun, and Sumin eventually were set up to take the lead after TS Entertainment’s first K-pop girl group, Secret, slowed down or disbanded.

It looked like Sonamoo was well on their way, but they were derailed when members Nahyun and Sumin filed lawsuits to terminate their contracts with the agency.

Despite this setback, Sonamoo appears ready to continue onward as a five-member girl group. If reports are correct, their upcoming comeback will be the first in two years since they released part two of their Happy Box Project.

Sonamoo returns as five members

Korean media news outlet Star News initially reported the news of Sonamoo making their K-pop comeback on Sunday, January 26, 2020.

The news outlet reported that the girl group plans to release a single album sometime around mid-February.

It was also reported that an “unnamed source” claims the five members are “in the process of recording their new song.”

If the report proves to be accurate, it will be two years since Sonamoo made an official comeback. Their last comeback was in November 2017 with their Happy Box Project. Part two of the project featured the title track song I (Knew It).


Why did it take long for Sonamoo to make a comeback?

For K-pop fans, it is great to hear that Sonamoo is officially making a comeback after so long. But what took so long in the first place? There are two possible reasons for their delayed comeback, and both could have “worked together” against Sonamoo.

The first reason is as mentioned earlier, Nahyun and Sumin’s lawsuits. Though the lawsuits were officially announced on September 23, 2019, the negotiations and/or arguments leading up to said lawsuits could have been on-going since after the Happy Box Project.

The second reason was problems TS Entertainment was having in the two years between Sonamoo’s Happy Box Project and now. Without going into detail, the entertainment agency had to deal with issues concerning their K-pop acts, B.A.P. and Secret.

Eventually, the two would leave TS Entertainment.

The K-pop community is looking forward to hearing what Sonamoo has planned for their upcoming comeback. All their music, including the Happy Box Project, is available on all major music streaming sites.

For fans wanting physical copies of their albums or official gear, they are available internationally at YesAsia.