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Solji of EXID celebrates on Instagram her full recovery from hyperthyroidism

Solji of EXID -- I Love You
Solji of EXID in pre-release promotional images for single album I Love You. Image Credit: Banana Culture

Solji, the leader of K-pop girl group EXID, is celebrating that she has made a full recovery from hyperthyroidism. She took to social media to share the news with all of her fans.

The news of Heo Sol-ji — better known by her stage name Solji — making a full recovery from hyperthyroidism was made known on her official Instagram account. On Saturday, December 15, 2018 KST, she uploaded a post with the caption that she went in for one of her regular treatments just to find out that she has made a full recovery.

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여러분:) 오늘 너무나 감사한 하루였어요 정기적으로 진료받는 날이었는데 갑상선 항진증 완치 판정 받았습니다 😊 너무나 감사하고 행복했어요 갑상선 항진증은 완치가 힘들다고 알고있었는데 담당의사선생님께서 완치가 가능하다고 하시네요. 갑상선 항진증 환우분들 희망 잃지마세요!! 열심히 치료받으시면 완치 가능합니다 그리고 다시 한 번 임승길 선생님 감사합니다🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️앞으로 건강하게 열심히 노래하겠습니다 응원해주시고 걱정해주셨던 많은 분들 감사합니다♥ 레고사랑해요♥️🧡💜❤️💛

A post shared by 솔지 ♥️⭐️🎤👏🏻🌻 (@soul.g_heo) on

The caption is written in Hangul as most of her fans are Korean. For those who are unable to read it, an English translation is provided below.

“Everyone, I am so grateful for this day. Today I had one of my regular treatments scheduled and the doctor said I was fully recovered from my hyperthyroidism. I was so grateful and happy.

I was aware that it was hard to make a full recovery from hyperthyroidism, but my doctor said that it was possible. To everyone else suffering from hyperthyroidism, don’t lose hope!! If you attend treatments regularly, it is possible to make a full recovery. Thank you once again to Doctor Im Seung Gil. I will work hard to stay healthy and sing from now on. Thank you to everyone who cheered me on and worried about me. I love you, LEGGO.”

A good day for EXID and LEGGO but more so for Solji

K-pop fans, especially those who identify themselves as LEGGO (official fan club for EXID), knew things were looking up for Solji when she returned to promoting as a member of EXID. She officially made her return as a K-pop idol with the single album I Love You.

Prior to that, Solji was on hiatus since December 16, 2016 so that she could concentrate on her health. The time off was necessary as hyperthyroidism can be a very serious health issue. If left untreated, it could result in many symptoms especially what is known as a “thyroid storm.” If that is left untreated, the percentage of death is between 20 to 50 percent.

Thankfully, Solji’s treatments, which included orbital decompression surgery, have helped in her condition leading to her full recovery. We, as K-pop fans, are very happy that Solji is back doing what she loves to do: perform as a member of EXID.

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