SEJEONG comeback: K-Pop idol of gu9udan (gx9) and I.O.I. sings about hope in first mini-album, Plant

Promotional picture for Sejeong's first mini-album, Plant
Sejeong made her first comeback or 2020 with her first mini-album, Plant. Pic credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

Back in 2016, Produce 101 created one of the most popular girl groups in between the third and fourth generations of K-pop, I.O.I. Though they only lasted one year, their songs dominated charts and sales both domestically and internationally.

Today, many former members of I.O.I. have moved on to become successful in other girl groups or as soloists. Gugudan, DIA, and Cosmic Girls or just some of the girl groups to have former I.O.I. members while idols like Chungha and Somi have gone on to become soloists.

One of the more successful former members of I.O.I., Kim Sejeong — who is now known by her mononym stage name, Sejeong — had an awesome start for 2020 when she contributed to the OST for Crash Landing on You with the song, All of My Days. Now she wants to continue from that point with the release of her first mini-album, Plant.

Hope in a broken world

News of Sejeong making her first comeback for 2020 with her first extended play (EP) or mini-album, Plant, was made known early this month on Monday, March 2. At the time, it was revealed that her comeback would officially release on Tuesday, March 17.

Leading up to Plant’s release, Sejeong along with her entertainment label Jellyfish Entertainment, released numerous pre-release promotions including promotional pictures, track listings, and music teasers. Eventually, Plant would release featuring a title track song of the same name.

Plant was composed and co-written by Sunwoo Jung-Ah and co-written by Ahn Shin-Ae. It is a simple song that truly touches a person’s emotions as the music, tone, and voice express feelings of reconciliation and “consolation one receives from a small plant in a flowerpot.”

Many K-pop fans, especially those who are “Dear Friends” of Gugudan (official fan club name) have chimed in on Sejeong’s comeback. Some fans say the plant is a metaphor for a friend or loved one Sejeong lost and wants back. Others say that Plant is the K-pop version of WALL-E.

No matter the view, Plant is doing very well and Sejeong is receiving a lot of recognition for her comeback. So far, the music video for Plant has earned over 3.5 million views over the course of five days. Not bad for an idol/soloist signed to one of the smaller Korean entertainment agencies in K-pop today.

Fans who want to own a digital copy of Sejeong’s first mini-album Plant or the song of the same name, it is available for purchase on both iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify. For those who want to own a physical copy of the album, it is available for purchase at YesAsia.

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