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Red Velvet fans furious of man who allegedly masturbated during K-Pop girl group’s performance of Power Up [Sensitive Images]

Red Velvet -- Power Up
Red Velvet poses for pre-release promotions for their song Power Up. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

In the world of K-pop today, Red Velvet is recognized as one of the top three girl groups in the industry. Alongside Black Pink and Twice, they are paving the way for the next generation of girl groups such as Itzy.

Because of their popularity, many fans — especially the Reveluvs (fan club for Red Velvet) — show their appreciation in many ways.

Unfortunately, some of their actions cross the line. In this case, K-pop fans are upset that someone masturbated during one of Red Velvet’s performances.

Indecent in every, single way

Someone revealed the news of an individual masturbating during Red Velvet’s performance through a tweet. According to the tweet, a man “pleasured himself” during Red Velvet’s performance of Power Up at the K World Fiesta.

The worst part is that a 16-year-old girl in front of the culprit suffered from the situation. She posted the tweet with photos of fluid on her sock, leg, and back of her pants.

In response to the tweet, many K-pop fans, including Reveluv, took to social media to say that such behavior is unacceptable. The hashtag #ProtectRedVelvetandReveluvs is starting to make the rounds on social media, especially on Twitter, where the news was first made known.

Not the first time to happen to a K-pop girl group

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such a disgusting incident occurred to a K-pop girl group. In July, Momoland participated in a fan signing in Mexico. During that time, male fans were seen screaming sexually explicit derogatives. One man was caught masturbating.

Thankfully, Academia Ninshi, the organizers who brought Momoland to Mexico, stepped up and caught the fan with the help of the police.

The fact anyone would do such a brazen thing in public is unbelievable. However, the trend may be growing, given the recent news. Let’s hope that organizers and the agencies of girl groups, or any musical act for that matter, offer better protection from such situations.

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