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PSY of P NATION talks about HyunA and Hyojong (formerly E’Dawn), their relationship, and their upcoming solo releases

P-Nation -- Psy Hyuna Hyojong
Psy, Hyuna, and Hyojong (formerly E’Dawn) pose alongside Jessi (not in picture) for P Nation promotions. Pic credit: P Nation

Park Jae-Sang — better known by his mononym Psy (often stylized in all capital letters) — has been doing very well pushing his new talent and entertainment agency, P Nation.

In less than one year, he signed four amazing musical talents in which two of them, Crush and Jessi, already debuted under their new label.

This brings up the question about the other two artists, Hyuna (sometimes stylized as HyunA) and Hyojong (formerly known as E’Dawn). What is the personal and professional status of the two lovebirds who became outcasts from their last label, Cube Entertainment?

Psy recently sat down for an interview and provided insight on what is going on between the two and where they are headed.

K-pop stars with a happy personal and professional life

Given that Psy himself is a musical act, he understands the rigors, trials, and tribulations a musical artist such as himself have to go through.

This also means he knows what needs to be kept to produce the next Korean music star and what can change to make their lives not just easier but “more human.”

On Monday, October 14, Psy shared a new teaser image of Hyuna and Hyojong on his Instagram account. He also spoke about how the two keep their personal and professional lives separate but still work hard at both.

As a matter of fact, their relationship has brought out healthy competitiveness in which both are fighting to see who releases music first.

So who will release new music first?

Besides the playful and competitive banter Hyuna and Hyojong had in the comments section of Psy’s post in which they argued one or the other would release music first, there is no official statement on who will release music first.

However, if we are going to account for social media activity, Hyuna may be releasing music soon.

Over the last month, Hyuna had performed at concerts leading up to her release. These concerts include a performance at a college that was a bit “too adult” for some when she lifted her skirt up to shake her butt at the crowd.

Hyuna has also made a new YouTube channel, HyunA-ing, in which she wants to show a side of herself that many people don’t get to see, one that is more personal and candid.

She also wants her future uploads to have a more vintage or retro feeling to them, kind of like when she was in the Wonder Girls.

Hyuna and Hyojong continue to promote in their own ways their upcoming solo debut under P Nation. Yet with all the busy work they do, they still have time to love each other.

Ultimately, P Nation has become an agency that gives the best for its audience as well as its talent.

We will continue to keep an eye out for both Hyuna and Hyojong as we anticipate their debuts under Psy’s new agency.

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