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Park Bom reveals collaboration and variety show appearance wish lists, and solo debut fears

Park Bom in Spring
Park Bom revealed much about herself career-wise in two interviews. Image Credit: D-Nation

The wait may have been a lot longer than expected but Park Bom finally made her return to Korean music with her solo debut extended play (EP) titled Spring. Despite her past controversy and whatever “hate” she may get for it, it seems Bom was at least well-received internationally as she took three of the top five of the World Digital Song Sales Chart on Billboard.

Presently, Park Bom is participating in post-release promotions for Spring. In recent interviews, she revealed a lot about herself. This includes a list of who she hopes to collaborate future music with, Korean variety shows to participate in, and the pressure she felt making her solo debut.

Who does Park Bom want to collaborate with?

On March 24, Park Bom held her first fan meeting as a soloist. During it, she received a post-it asking which idols she wants to collaborate with. Bom promptly replied RM of BTS and Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation.

After Park Bom’s response, fans started to share their opinions online imagining what a collaboration between Bom and RM or Taeyeon would be like. There was even one fan who thought all three collaborating together on one song would be epic.

What variety shows does Park Bom want to appear on?

On a recent episode of Section TV, Park Bom partook in another interview and made it clear she would participate in variety shows. The one she said she’d be good for is The Manager.

For those who do not know what The Manager is, it is a Korean variety show that concentrates more on the lives and interactions of K-pop and Korean celebrity managers, more so than the K-pop and Korean celebrities themselves. It can get quite hectic living up to the demands of who they manage, who signs their paycheck, and the public.

Park Bom already has experience being on a variety show, especially as one of the main cast members. In the first season of Roommate, she was one of the participating cast members. She was known for eating and her collection of “Poong Poong.” Sadly, she was forced to leave Roommate in the midst of her drug scandal.

Park Bom felt pressure with her comeback

Probably the most serious part of Park Bom’s Section TV appearance, the one that really stripped back how she felt, was how she felt making her comeback. When asked if she felt pressure for her comeback, she replied with the following answer:

“Yes a lot. I wondered, ‘Will I be nervous when I’m on stage? Will they still like me?’ I felt a lot of pressure. I cried my eyes out when my teaser came out.”

It seems Park Bom is well-received at least internationally. Domestically in South Korea, there will always be people who cannot forgive Bom for her drug scandal. However as time goes by, more people will come to enjoy Bom as a soloist instead of the member supposedly responsible for disbanding 2NE1 (according to Yang Hyun-Suk).

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