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Park Bom appears on King of Mask Singer — Former 2NE1 K-pop idol trends after performance and reveal

Park Bom
Park Bom made an appearance on the popular music competition variety show King of Mask Singer. Pic credit: YG Entertainment

If there is one Korean singer who is the epitome of needing a comeback, it is undoubtedly Park Bom. The former K-pop idol for 2NE1 suffered a “fall from grace” with her drug scandal, one blown way out of proportion.

Because of the drug scandal, 2NE1 went into hiatus, and Park Bom was out of the music industry for years. What’s worse is the constant hate and unforgiveness that Koreans expressed after the reveal of the drug scandal.

Fast forward from then to today, and Park Bom is making a fairytale comeback. She signed with D-Nation and made her soloist debut (outside of YG Entertainment) with the song Spring and participated in the music competition variety show Queendom as the only soloist contestant.

Now Park Bom is back as she made an appearance on the popular music competition variety show King of Mask Singer. After her performance and reveal, Bom was trending in Korea.

Welcome to King of Mask Singer

On Sunday, the latest episode of King of Mask Singer featured a singer going by the name “Going Now.” The singer dressed in a long-sleeve pink shirt with the number “2020” printed in large black numbers on its front.

As for the singer’s mask, it was unique as it showed two boys running a marathon. The boy winning the marathon had “2020” on his shirt while the boy in the background had “2019.”

During the episode’s second round, “Going Now” chose to sing Another Start by Seo Ji-Won. It was a good song as it showcased the singer’s unique vocals and range.

“Going Now” delivered a strong performance, but it wasn’t as strong as the competition. As a result, “Going Now” lost to “Bruce Lee” by a score of 43 to 56.

After losing, “Going Now” revealed herself to be Park Bom. She explains she wanted to appear on King of Mask Singer because her father kept asking when she would join the program. She also revealed that despite returning to Korean music after eight years, she does not go out as much.

Overall, Park Bom did well in her appearance on King of Mask Singer. However, many who have seen her grow and mature as a singer, especially as a member of 2NE1, could tell she wasn’t as confident as usual.

Trending at #2 in Korea after King of Mask Singer

Though Park Bom did not succeed in her appearance on King of Mask Singer, she did make an impact. Reportedly, she was trending as number two on most searched on Naver.

Park Bom’s absence, which is short of a decade by two years, likely had Korean fans wondering what she’s been doing during her hiatus.

For fans, especially those who were Blackjacks (official fan club of 2NE1), who want to show support for Park Bom as she continues onward with her solo career, her solo debut album outside of YG Entertainment, Spring, is available for purchase on YesAsia.

Also, check out Park Bom’s previous Korean variety show appearances on Roommate and Queendom.

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